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Harry's Journal - Part Five

A handful of Ships ... or Gangs ... or Organizations

Hammer 20, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Sword Coast, Luskan

Luskan is far more exciting than I imagined. It is full of colorful shops, friendly people and interesting badges. Just as I woke up I inadvertently met two nice fellows from Ship Suljack (they have that strange goat-like skull as their symbol) when I spilled their beers by mistake. They did seem a bit upset at that moment but i offered to buy them drinks and they got very friendly. They even told me to look them out should I want a job. I was even considering it, until I told them I was a wizard and they started laughing at me! Laughing! Why, the nerve of some people – even after I showed them my diploma… so I put them to sleep. I still paid for their beers though.

Learning that Orilei was going to work at the Cutlass when I already paid for two nights here was a bit of let-down but I quickly forgot about it as I visited the small bookshop I spotted yesterday. Although it pained me to do so, I parted with two of my books for a measly 15 gold pieces. The old man that owned the shop looked scared when I told him that I was a wizard but he was happy enough when I magically cleaned up his shop. I am starting to think that people do not trust wizards here … as strange as it may sound I may have to keep it more private.

Shortly afterwards I ran into another of the Coinspinners member. I do not remember his name but he asked me whether I wanted to participate in some hand-hand fighting apparently for money. I haven’t done that for a few years, not since that time at the Spring Fair in Leilon when I lost a tooth fighting that big guy from Waterdeep. Considering how quickly you run out of gold here I may have to take him on his offer.

I decided to move north towards the Mirabar district to look for Thornalf when I met two more guys from yet another ‘Ship’, Ship Kurth this time. They also seemed taken aback by the fact I was a wizard but were kind enough to direct me towards the piers should I ever want a job… They also offered me 25gp for every Rethnor head (more for info) I brought them but I can’t imagine many Rethnor would be willing to part with their heads…

I finally managed to locate Thornalf and Olo near the Jagged Dagger which seemed a nice opportunity to celebrate although Thornalf does not seem to need an excuse for that. Running into Oloward there was a rather unfortunate coincidence especially since the fat bastard tried to warn me away from Orelei (claiming that she was responsible for fighting among others). Not like there is anything between me and Orelei but of course I would never tell him that.

All taken into consideration however, going into the tavern was a good choice. We managed to get a job from a Ship Taerl (those with the bloody gates symbol) representative who offered us 350gp to find out who was stealing cargo from some dwarves. I haven’t seen 350gp since that time I paid Master Tumult to take me on as an apprentice – and that was Pa’s life-shavings.



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