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Harry's Journal - Part One

Pirates, Ships, Ugly Cooks, a Halfling, a Dwarf and a Lady

Hammer 12, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Sword Coast, Leilon

Dear Diary (not wizardly enough I think …. have to come up with another opening…)

I don’t understand the people in my village. I mean, I am a Wizard, I have a diploma and all and still they make fun of me. True I have a few … minor problems with a few spells but that does not make me less of a wizard! So what if my fire bolt set Arton’s barn on fire? It still was a fire bolt and besides I put it out myself – with magic!

But I will not give up. If my diploma is not enough to make me a wizard I found out another way as well. The Arcane Brotherhood! Now that is a goal to aspire to. I am not sure what it is exactly that they are doing but I am certain it is great – I think there were some old stories with a rather bleak view about them but hey they are in Luskan. That’s basically next door, so if I don’t like I can always come back … pa sure could use my help around here…

So, to the point, I used most of my gold to buy me a ticket to Luskan. Talked to the dockmaster too. There is a ship coming in tomorrow – Maria Aleyena it is called – and I plan to be on it.

Hammer 15, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Sword Coast, Off the Port of Luskan
Entry One

Dear Journal (nope, that won’t do either…)

So many things to write down, i don’t even know where to begin. The ship is great! Captain Redbeard is maybe a bit intimidating but I haven’t seen him around much so …. On the other hand the weather sucks. It is a good thing I have been on a ship before (not on open sea though – pa used to get work on some of them in the port) otherwise i would be puking all over the place.

There are other people on the ship too! I already met a dwarf with his face full of runes! I managed to copy down a few of them when he was not looking. I am almost certain that one of them is the rune for “chicken” but that can’t be right … something to research when in Luskan.

I also met a Halfling fellow with a magic book. It seems to repel all writing – unless the writing is an illusion which of course is what wizards do. Wizards like me I mean (ha, I can’t get enough of it). I tried to convince him to trade it to me – was even willing to part with my Apprentice Wizard’s Handbook, a gift from master Tumult himself but he seemed to find the proposition insulting. Perhaps it is a Halfling thing… Oh, and there is even a Knight here. A real knight of Torm from Waterdeep with 2 squires. Not even Master Tumult had 2 apprentices, so I guess that makes him important. He does have a great haircut … maybe i should consider one like that …

And then there was that girl … strange name, i could not pronounce it but she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Could it be a spell? I think I read about it … Anyway there is also a fat, ugly fellow with a parrot that seems interested in her. He is not a wizard though so I think I will be fine. And I have Splinter. An owl is so much more impressive than a stupid parrot.

There seems to be a commotion on the deck … something about “sails” …. of course there are sails, we are on a ship for crying out loud! I’ll better go have a look. They may need a Wizard after all.

Hammer 15, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Sword Coast, Off the Port of Luskan
Entry Two

They were not talking about our ship’s sails after all. It seems that there is another ship approaching, black sails, crossed bones, the whole thing. So, not friendly it seems. And dangerous if I understand the situation correctly. The other ship is trying to block our approach to Luskan, so the captain decided to bypass it and look for shelter further north … there are plans under way to evacuate the passengers at a safe cove before the pirates are on us … although to be honest I thought the Rethnors were pirates … I always found politics a bit confusing. In any case I managed to ensure that Orelei will be on the one of the boats – to think that the fat parrot man wanted to take her with him … dream on you oily maggot (picked that one up from the sailors here, great vocabulary to choose from).

The canons are getting readied! Canons, can you believe it? I even asked to fire one but the man responsible would not let me! Even after I showed him my diploma!

More shouts … it looks like we will not make it ashore. I have to go on the deck. There are many non-combatants here and I have to protect them. It is my duty as a wizard after all … not sure what I will do though. Tumult never showed me any attack spells, especially after that time that I accidentally froze his donkey… I’ll stick by the dwarf (he looks menacing enough) and the knight (who looks really cool) and shoot my crossbow. All those winter days spent hunting will finally pay off – thanks pa.



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