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Harry's Journal - Part Three

Little cabin in the woods ... look at it burn...

Hammer 16, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Sword Coast, North-East of Luskan

The good news is that we found other survivors from the ship, Orelei among them … the bad news is that two of them were eaten by wolves before we had time to intervene, including Sir Richorn’s last squire – the other one apparently drowned with the boats. And of course it started to rain, which made burying the poor men a bit easier and us a lot more uncomfortable.

Thankfully Jimmy Bear spotted a cabin in the woods a while back so we will be heading there.

Hammer 16, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Cabin in the Woods, Sword Coast, North-East of Luskan

This is without doubt, the best day of my life. We found the cabin which looked strangely abandoned until we stumbled upon the owners’ corpses stashed in a hidden underground study/stash. So the cabin being abandoned stopped being so strange but it did pose the question of who offed the owners and why … the basement was full of merchandise along with slaver logs which I think may not be entirely legal … Thornbalf is suspicious of Jimmy but he has given us no reason to doubt him yet.

The best part however is that I finally got to cast that spell that Master Tumult was badgering me about, the one that makes magical thinks glow. As a result I found a bottomless bag in the study (which is really more useful than it sounds) and which I promptly filled with books … none of it magical but still a wizard needs his books.

As soon as I finish this I am casting that “Alarm” spell on the doors and windows and hopefully it will not go off every time i sneeze this time. I’ve never felt so much like a wizard in my life … Master Tumult would be so proud.

Hammer 17, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Cabin in the Woods, Sword Coast, North-East of Luskan

I don’t have much time … the cabin is on fire and we are trying to escape through the window in one of the back rooms. There are men in the woods that are looking to kill us … I think it has to do with the attack on our ship as well …

…too much smoke in here … Sir Richorn is badly hurt … I am also running out of bolts …

… Orilei climbs out of windows very gracefully …



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