Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 02 : Survivors


Hammer 16, 1484 DR
Sword Coast, Shore

On Maria Alayna’s deck, Richorn is fighting side by side with the bloodheaded dwarf, swinging his sword and blocking hits with his holy shield. Under the starless sky, the pirate scimitars are dancing with Thornalfs greatsword, on a bloody ball, while Harry the wizard, is shooting his crossbow behind the steering wheel, covering their backs. Deep in the ship holds, Olo persuades the sailors who where guarding the place to go up and join the fight, thus leaving him alone with the floating cargo. The little halfling jumps from crate to crate, filling his bags with treasure, until one or two shark wings, make him rethink the situation and leaves for the deck. Some life boats already left, when the two ships started shink together. After a short duel with the halforc pirate leader, captain Redbeard is piercing his rapier through the halfbloods heart, discouraging the other pirates who start fleeing and jumping into the stormy sea. Quickly Redbeard and five of his men abandon ship on a boat fully loaded with treasure chests. Moments before they shank, Thornalf, Harry, Olo, Richorn and Jimmy, get on the last boat and make course to the cold beach, where the Rethnor sailors landed. Captain Redbeard, approaches the survivors, lights his carved pipe and say with his rough scary voice,

" No pirate dares to assault a Ship bearing the flag of a Luskan gang. Unless he had orders to do so from someone more powerful. That’s a dire omen for us Rethnors. Jimmy, here’s going to sneak up in Luskan and find out what’s going on with our gang and who want us dead. Help us, and you’ll be greatly rewarded. Cross us and it will be the last thing you’ll ever do. Either way, no one should learn that we survived. Maria Alayna and her whole crew now lies in the bottom of the bloody sea. Shavy?"

Although half eaten threats wasn’t enough to intimidate those particular survivors, they decided they would best get along, until they reach Luskan, at least. So after a short rest, in front of Harry’s arcane campfire, smoking Olo’s devil weed, and eating Thornalf’s wet rations, they follow Jimmy Bear, accompanied by the paladin of Torm. A few hours later, they are wandering in the forest, while clouds are gathering above them. They hear a distant hauling and ready their weapons. A woman is screaming and the wanderers rush through the trees and they stumble on some other survivors, surrounded by black wolves, in a clearing. Orelei and Damara, are holding each other crying and Oloward Fletcher is desperately trying to climb a pine tree . In front of them one of Richorn’s squires and the priestesses guardian lay dead, ravaged by the wild beasts. The companions charge against the wolves, protecting the helpless and attacking with fire, steel and magic. They defeat the pack and they take the other survivors with them. Richorn and the priestess pray for the souls of the fallen and they bury them. However, before the bodies drop into their graves, the halfling swiftly, removes a pouch from the dead guardian. It contains a ring with a flaming fist carved on it and a letter. When no one is watching he secretly reads it,

  • Hammer 2, 1484 DR Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
    Baldur’s Gate, Lady’s Hall Temple

    This is a contract between the Followers Of Free Fate, of Tymora’s Clergy and the mercenary group of the Flaming Fists.

    You are bound to do the following:
    I. Escort apprentice cleric Damara Hemingway to the city of Luskan.
    II. Protect her at all costs, until she arrives in Tymora’s Temple.
    III. Upon your return, carry and deliver to Highpriest Corvin a sealed letter from the apprentice.

    The amount of 50 gold pieces will be given upon signing this contract, and another 250 cold pieces will be delivered to the Flaming Fists upon completion.

A thunder roars in the sky, and heavy rain falls. Jimmy knows a place they can take spend the night, an old hunting cabin in the woods not far from here, he leads the way and everybody follows the sailor, while Thornalf turns his rune covered face up high and praise the Thundergod.



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