Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 05 : Dirty Business

Act I : The City Of Sails


Hammer 19, 1484 DR
Luskan, North & South Bank

Thornalf Ulfgar, along with Jimmy Bear, enter a catacomb in Ciffside Cranny, and find themselves into the sewers of the Mirabar District. There they encounter a group of filthy goblins killing most of them, though some flee carrying stolen goods. A shady figure that seemed to order around the goblins also vanishes. After a while they exit the stinky underground part of the city and Jimmy departs.

“I’ll be in the Rat’s Alley. Search for the red door. So long mate!”, says the sailor.

Harry Westra, wakes up in the One Eyed Jax Inn. It’s already noon an hastily he get down to the loft, where a waitress named Leianna Gunther, informs the wizard that his friend Orelei, will be working as a dancer in another inn called, The Cutlass. Some sailors try to bully the wizard while he enjoys his beverage. Harry finishes his milk, casts a sleep spell, knocking them unconscious, lift up his hat and goes his way. He visits the market and meets interesting people like Rick The Slick, a member of the Coinspinners and arena bookie. He learns from some Kurth soldiers that the Rethnors are traitors who conspired with the Zhentarim, for control over the city. There is a bounty of 25gp per Rethnor head. The wizard, the dwarf and the halfling bumps on each other on the Harbor Cross bridge and share their information, on their way to the Jagged Dagger Inn, in the North District. There they find the merchant Oloward Fletcher, who warns Harry to be careful of that exotic dancer. The merchant says that she has a weird effect on men, like a witch. On a nearby table a member of the Taerls, called Bram Shocker talks with dwarf merchants about a problem they have with the sewer thieves, these days. The company offers their help and Bram agrees to pay them 350 gp if they deal successfully that problem. Before they descent into the worst smelling part of the city they make a stop at Thalorin Manymetal’s warehouse, so Thornalf can deliver the letter from the clan Hammerhand. Harry forges magically a duplicate seal, and Thornalf secretly reads the letter before he deliver it.

  • Hammer 7, 1484 DR Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
    Waterdeep, Clan Hammerhand Ironforge


    Waterdeep is furious with Luskan. I don’t know what these captains have in their minds, but there are too many pirate attacks in ships with the Lords Alliance flag on them. Some Lords blame the Captains of Luskan for those attacks. Others will follow.

    They are sending a paladin of Torm, to look into that matter and withdraw the waterdavian guards from the city. They say he has orders directly frm Lord Dagult Neverember.

    In the North an Orcish Horde is moving west, leaving nothing but death in their passing. In the Battle Of Frozen Vale, citadel Adbar fell and king Bromm lost his head, from Ork King Hartusk. I hear that citadel Felbar is already besieged.

    You should pack and leave Luskan, now. Head for Neverwinter. I will make arrangements, for your shortcoming.

    Let the hammer fall,
    Dagradoth Hammerhand
    son of Varadoth

Into the sewers, the three companions, investigate the catacombs, searching for the thieves. They trigger a trap, that creates an alarming sound all over the slimy corridors. After a moment, more than a dozen goblins surround them and attack. The creatures are slaughtered and one of them is captured. Thornalf bags it up and they return to Jagged Dagger Inn for an interrogation and a hot bath.

Some hours earlier, the Harper spy Quinn, following Dominic’s directions, meet the waitress Leianna Gunther, in One Eyed Jax Inn. She says that the target is Captain Zorg’s Manner and slips the backdoor key to the Kurth Captain’s house, into the Harper’s pocket. Before his departure, the waitress informs him about a slave trade that will occur at midnight of the 21st of this month, on the Open Shore Port. On his way out Quinn, is intrigued by a newcomer that used magic to put to sleep three dangerous looking sailors. He secretly follows and spy on him for a few hours. At night he reports to Dominic and begins his mission. From the rooftops he sneaks up into the balcony of the Zorg Mannor. The spy moves through the shadows investigating the house. He manage to extract three numbers from the scrolls on the captains desk, I X VII. In the gallery room, he deactivates the alarm and behind a painting he uncovers a safe box. He uses the combination and unlocks it. He retrieves a sack with Zhentarim coins and a drow ring. As he leaves the house, a guard suspects his presence in the back yard bushes. The guards sees the spy and yells,


Quinn, strikes first and slit his opponents throat swiftly. Then, he jumps over the fence, and hides into the dark alleys of the City Of Sails.



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