Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 06 : Lil Thieves Big Sewers

Act I : The City Of Sails


Hammer 20, 1484 DR
Luskan, Mirabar District Sewers

The captured goblin proved to be completly useless, so they throw it back to the dirty waters in the Luskan sewers. Harry, Thornalf and Olo, return to the surface of the city and decide to rest until the next morning. The dwafr and the halfling share a room in the Jagged Dagger Inn, while the wizard goes back to the One Eyed Jax inn. There, he studies his “Apprentice Handbook” and finds hidden notes in the pages, written from someone called Aoth Fezim. The first note he decodes writes:

Placing a bag of holding inside an extradimensional space created by a Heward’s handy haversack, portable hole, or similar item instantly destroys both items and opens a gate to the Astral Plane. The gate originates where the one item was placed inside the other. Any creature within 10 feet of the gate is sucked through it to a random location on the Astral Plane. The gate then closes. The gate is one-way only and can’t be reopened.

The next morning Quinn, sees the wizard at the inn and decides to spy on him. He follows him to the Mirabar District of the city inside the Jagged Dagger Inn. Some members of the Taerls talk about the Rethnor’s return the murderd guard near the Cliffside Cranny and the retaliation against those who wronged them. Little did they know that all of that was a plot, weaved by the anarchy mind of a little halfling thief. The companions plan their next actions regarding the goblin thieves and Quinn drops into the conversation offering them a treat and his help as a guide into the sewers. The four of them descent in search of the goblins lair. Their new companion, tracks down the thieves and guides them to their hideout, where about a dozen thieves search through the stolen merchant goods. Their leader, surrounded by giant dire rats, is talking to a shady figure, hidden in the dark. The companions ambush the goblins, setting of an alarm, drawing the goblins on a spot where the gain advantage over them. They wipe out the goblin thieves, but the shady figure who appears to be a drow, escapes. They retrieve the stolen goods and they also find the bodies of two adventures, who seems to be recently deceased. Olo finds a letter on one of them and swiftly hides into his pocket. After a long day into the dirty sewers, they return to the inn, they split the loot and send a word to mr Bram Shocker to meet them.



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