Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 30 : Treasure Island

Act II - The Darkening


Ches 22, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Uncharted Waters, Sea Of Swords

The Anarchy and The Blackjack enter the exotic bay, of the treasure island. A shipwreck lays on the sand. The broken vessel carries the name “North Star”. The company investigates the ship and they find out that sea monsters attacked and killed the passengers about a ten day ago. Harry, retrieves the captains log and reads the last entry.

  • Ches 12, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
    Lost Island, Sea Of Swords

    . . .Something huge hit the side of the ship. I hope we will reach the shore before we shink in these cold waters . . .

    The sea monsters are coming. I hear their deep voices. They are screaming, no, they’re chanting. “Shekola, Shekola, Shekola”, is what they are saying. Oh, Selune may help us all . . .

Jimmy Bear with the sailors stay behind guarding the ships, as Simone, with the rest of the company, enter the jungle following the trails on Olo’s treasure map. They come across some old ruins, that Harry recognizes as remnants of the ancient Netheriz. The wizard finds a gold ring half buried in the dirt, while Ethan in his patrol, spots a bunch of lizard like creatures attacking an elf castaway. Without second thoughts Harry and Thornalf charge against the Lizardfolk and Quinn with Olo, Ethan and Simone shoot their deadly arrows and bolts, from the trees. One Lizardfolk, that lost his foot in the battle is taken prisoner and the elf offers his gratitude. Ethan who apparently speaks the Elven language, learns the castaways story.

My name is Elnan Avianis. I am the guardian of Celine Moonchild, in her sacred mission to answer the calling of Mieliki. Whe where traveling on board the North Star, towards Icewind Dale. But pirates made us head off our course. In the uncharted waters sea monsters attacked us and we wrecked on this island. Those of us who survived, found refuge in the jungle. A few days ago, when I was hunting, the Lizardfolk, attacked my companions, killed some and took others as prisoners. Thank you for help, but I wont rest until I find lady Celine.

Harry uses his arcane art to comprehend the language of the Lizardfolk. He intimidates the creature, so it will lead them to the camp where the rest castaways are kept. At night, The company reaches the Lizardfolk village and they spy upon it, from distance. Quinn and Olo are sneaking towards the cages and the rest burge into the village to create distraction. The Lizardmen make their stand in front of the dwarf, the wizard and the elf, while the Lizardfolk Shaman is asking who they are and what do they want. Simone and Ethan are hidden in the trees with their fingers on their crossbows. Olo uses a magic card from his deck of illusions, giving Quinn the opporunity to free the three prisoners. A readhaired dawrf named Belnan Bloodingot, Andy Bernard the big headed gnome and the beautiful elf lady Celine, follow Quinn to the jungle. In a few moments, the guards are screaming and the Shaman orders their warriors to kill the tresspassers. The company with the castaways join Harry and Thornalf and they engage a bloody fight with the creatures. The fight lasts until the shaman is killed. Then the wild beasts drop their weapons and move towards their chieftain dissorganized. The companions spare their lives and head back to the netheriz ruins with the castaways of the “North Star”.



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