Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 38 : Rotting Arm

Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 7, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan Woods, Swordcoast

The heroes spirits return to their bodies, inside the Druidic circle, in Luskan Woods. They freed the tiefling paladin of Amaunator, Damian Demark, from Orcus’ demonic possession. But something else came back with them. When the halfling touched the dissolving wing of Demon, a curse fell upon him. He started to turn into an undead abomination. However, the combined powers of the druids, manage to slow down the effect of the curse and limit the rot on the halfling’s arm.

Olo, my poor boy. There is only one who can help you fight this curse. In the snowy peaks of Spine Of The World, in the region called Justice Fall, lives a hermit. You must seek him out!”, says Crowveil to the halfling.

The companions, see the bodies of some followers of Orcus lying around the circle. They learn that the ritual last for three days, while it felt that they were gone only for a few hours. Those men attacked, trying to stop the ritual, but Greywulf’s soldiers defeated them. The next few days, until the end of the tenday, the companions rest and make plans for their next steps. Crowveil unpetrifies the elf guardian of the priestess Celine Moonchild.The druid decides to accompany the priestess to Icewind Dale. The blind dwarf, Belnan and the gnome bard, Andy will follow them. They will stay in the hideout, a few days, until the forest is healed and then they will begin their journey to the north. Quinn, lead their companions and the Nevewinter Elites, through the secret entrance into the sewers under Luskan. They spot carvings on the walls and markings on the floor, all over the swerves. Damien recognizes that those are seals and they seem to keep the forces of the devil contained, down there. They have seen that writing before, on Yamamoto’s tattoos and quickly they understand that the Dragonbloods must have something to do with that. They reach the Thunderstone Monastery underground and they reunite with cleric Damara and the followers of Tymora. The Harper, Dominic is also there. Dom informs them of the situation inside the city. The allied forces of the Kurths, the Drows and the Arcane Brotherhood made a coup and they are preparing their army for the war against Neverwinter. Also there that there is a dark force lurk underneath the sewres. But the companions already know that. In fact that is the reason why they journeyed to the Treasure island and found the Book Of Exalted Deeds. And now they have a paladin to use it. This place seems to be safe from both Luskanites and devils. There, Greywulf decide to set their base of operations. Damien Demark, the 666th paladin of Amaunator, opens the book of Exalted Deeds and a divine warmth fills everybody’s heart.

I can sense them. They are near. When i find him, i will unleash this exalted power against the devil. I am sure that the minions of hell will try to interrupt me. Protect me at all costs, when i perform the banishment. We have only one chance to send Adramalech and his devils back to Baator. Follow me!” says the paladin and lead them deeper into the old mines under the city’s sewers.

As they cross a long forgotten, dusty railway, in the mines, the sound of a dozen wings comes from the catacombs ahead and soon they are surrounded by bloody imps, ordered by a winged creature, with twisted horns holding a trident. Quinn attacks from the shadows, Thornalf cuts his way through his enemies, Harry unleashes the power of the arcana upon the devils, Ethan summons his druidic magic against them and Damien smites them with holy wrath. And Olo ? The little sneaker, flanks the horned devil and holding his vicious sword with his raw-boned hand, he strikes the final blow. As the devil turn into ashes, a single page is left pierced in the rogues blade, that writes one word. “Cornugon”.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 150056500 / 64000Deck Of Many ThingsMISSED SESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr9)+ 300066000 / 64000LVL UP!
Olo Quickskin (Rog9) + 300066000 / 64000Summoning Page (Cornugon)LVL UP!
Quinn (Rog9)+ 150061000 / 64000MISSED SESSION!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 300057000 / 64000Emerald Enclave Renown (6), Gained Rank 2 "Summerstrider "



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