Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 49 : Sunset In Bryn Shander

Act III - Chosen Of The Gods


Myrtul 8, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Bryn Shander, Tentowns

The companions lead the caravan through the icy steppes of Icewind Dale. As the sun sets in the Sea Of Swords, they see the round stone walls of Bryn Shander on the top of the hill ahead. The guards of the southwest gate take the refugees of Mirabar into the city and lead them to the refugee camp. The companions report to the commander of the gate. They inform him of Hartusk’s Horde, the fall of Mirambar, the Luskan War and the end of The Darkening. Olo, spots a sign with the regional laws written on it. Murder, lethal assault and robbery are punishable by death.

“That’s kinda harsh! You steal, you die? Barbaric…”, whispers the halfing to his comrades.

They learn that the Spokeswoman of the city, Duvessa D’ Agost , left fifteen days ago. She investigates a barbarian invasion in Bremen. It may be sometime until her return. Before they rest they visit the Sanford Stables to leave their horses. The mercenary who guard the place mistakes Quinn for a thug and at the sight of him he shout

“We paid yesterday! What more do ye want?”

When he realizes that the companions are outlanders he tries to deny the truth. Eventually, they persuade him to tell them what is going on. The mercenary, say that an unknown group of thugs blackmail the merchants of the city. They collect their toll every tenday. The companions leave their horses in the stable and head towards Faelfaril’s Inn. As they step from the cold snow to the warmth of the tavern, they hear a familiar song. Andy Bernard, sings the Tale Of The Tarask Island. Suddenly, a pint of beer flies over the bard’s head and breaks on the wall behind him. It came from the table of a drunken barbarian with three beautiful ladies in his hug, who yells,

“Ahhh ’nough with dat oxshit! Sing a song ’bout a dragon!”

Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr12)+ 3000108000 / 120000
Olo Quickskin (Rog10/Wlc2)) + 3000106000 / 120000
Quinn (Rog12)+ 3000103000 / 120000
Vito Galliano (Pal10)+ 300079000 / 85000



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