Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 55: Cold Hearts

Act III - Chosen Of The Gods


Myrtul 14, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Bryn Shander Woods, Icewind Dale

Inside the crowded tavern, Knucklehead Trout, the heroes spy on Brianna Alcott and her company. Olo, uses his magic medallion and sneaks on the surface thoughts of her companions. One of them thinks about leaving them. He has doubtful thoughts of their purpose and after a loud argument leave the tavern. The companions follow him and persuade him to help them, expose Brianna and prove the Barbarian innocent. The man, named Jacod, agrees. He sais they belong to the cult of Auril and Brianna is the priestess in this town. At midnight, the cult will gather in the forest ruins to summon the cold powers of the goddess. He leads the heroes to the secret temple in the ruins, where the unnatural frost covers the place. The cultists are in the middle of a summoning ritual. Winter spirits manifest into the material plane, under their chant. The heroes rush into the frozen chamber and disrupt the ritual. The cultists and their priestess are dead. Quinn discovers a letter to Brianna Alcott, from a high priest of Auril named ___. This document, with the other evidence should be enough to save the barbarians life. If they are not too late.

Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr13)+ 3000128000 / 140000
Olo Quickskin (Rog10/Wlc3)) + 3000126000 / 140000
Quinn (Rog13)+ 3000123000 / 140000



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