Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 60 : Rise Of The Templars

Act III - Chosen Of The Gods


Flamerule 5, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Brynn Shander, Tentowns

The companions and Hammerhand clan dwarfs, reach the fields of Bryn Shander. The blood of a thousand bodies covers the snow. Mulgrin touches a dead soldier and contacts his spirit. He learns that a great battle took place a couple of days ago. The forces of Auril, clashed with the allied forces of the army of Tempus and the soldiers of Bryn Shander.

We left a ten days ago, from Bryn Shander. It’s not possible to assemble such armies in that time. Something is very wrong”, says Quinn approaching the battlefield.

They find a colorful tent in the middle of the field, guarded by mercenaries of the Black Network. An bold man with a tattoo on his forehead, wearing a red robe, orders the mercenaries to bring him more bodies. He demands from the companions, to leave his camp and let him continue his “work”. He even shows them a letter from the general of the city, granting him access to the battlefield. They ask for answers, so he sends a rider towards the city to report them. They get no answers but they saw the date on the letter, which suggests that they moved a whole month forward in time. Could this be a side effect from the astral rift? They reach the gates of the capital and they notice the battalions of Tempus has camped around the city. On the north gate they meet a familiar face, commander Thadius. He tells them that chancellor Vaelis is now General. He commands the tempars of Tempus and the chosen of the god of war, Argus, against the army of Auril. Her chosen, Hedrun Arnsfirth, attacked the city, but lost and retreated back to Bremen. Sir Garoth fell in the battle, but there is someone who believes that he his allies assasinated him. They arrange a meeting in “The Nkucklehead Trout” at night. The dwarves rest at the companions home. The heroes visit the cleric of Amaunator Mithan. Mulgrin helps him caressing the wounded. Thornalf gives him the newborn child, asking him to take care of her. Quinn asks for Damien, but the paladin has left for Dougan’s Hole, in search of the holy ashes of the phoenix.

Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr13)+ 2000141000 / 140000LVL UP!
Quinn (Rog13)+ 2000135000 / 140000
Mulgrin (Clr13)+ 2000132000 / 140000



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