Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 61 : The Red Wizard

Act III - Chosen Of The Gods


Flamerule 6, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Bryn Shander, Tentowns

At night the companions meet with commander Thadius in the Knucklehead Trout tavern. He introduces them to a mercenary, named Murdok Jones. He is half elf and his mercenary guild destroyed by Hartusk. Murdok traveled to Luskan were he learned of the heroes deeds from Greywulf. He followed information about the Arcane Brotherhood that led him to Icewind Dale. In Bryn Shander he met Sir Garoth and they start working together. They fought side by side in the battle with the Barbarians. Murdok saw someone from their side stabbing Garoth in the back. Sir Garoth was suspicious of General Vaelish and his army of the templars. Murdok believes they assassinated Garoth, because he found something. Then, commander Thadius, asks the companions to retrieve sir Garoth’s body from the battlefield and bring it to a farmhouse, outside the town. There are some people that need to be persuaded of sir Garoth’s assassination. Murdok guides the companions to the place of the killing. Among the dead in the battlefield, a wizard in red robes, named Gizthaias , performs a necromancy ritual. He is guarded by members of the Black Network. The companions attack them. They kill the undead abominations and the Zhentarim guards. But the wizard casts a spell of invisibility and flees. The heroes retrieve the body of sir Garoth and papers that indicates a cooperation between General Vaelish and the Black Network. They give the evidence to Thadius and the chancellors that opposite Vaelish. Yet, they might face charges after the attack, so they decide to leave for Kelvins Cairn, with the dwarves. Murdoc, joins them on their journey. Thornalf asks from the old cleric of Amaunator, Mithan to keep the godborn child safe. As the baby leaves his arms, the dwarf say

Her name is Wyr Isril ! Take a good care of her, priest. Until we meet again little one . . .

Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr14)+ 4000145000 / 165000
Quinn (Rog13)+ 4000139000 / 140000
Mulgrim (Clr13)+ 4000136000 / 140000
Murdoc Jones (Src13)+ 4000136000 / 140000



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