Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 65 : The Battle Of Caer Dineval Pt.2

Act III - Chosen Of The Gods


Flamerule 17, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Caer Dineval, Tentowns

Quinn has the gift of invisibility, from Murdoc, for one minute. Mulgrin gave him the ability to walk on water for a while. The assassin hits the heels of his Boots of Speed and dashes through the lake reaching the castle walls. He uses his cloak of Arachnida and climbs to the top of the wall. He moves unnoticed, killing orcs guards silently. He discovers the cells with the prisoners in the castle dungeons. But, he has no time to free them. Not yet. He moves to the gate as their allies approach, waiting for the right time to open the gates. From the other side of the walls, Murdoc casts a fireball to bowls of tar creating an inferno. Quinn take advance of the distraction and pull the lever to open the gates. Tempars and dwarves charge in the castle and clash with the Whiteskin orcs in the yard. Quinn runs to the dungeon and frees the prisoners. He persuade some of them to take arms and attack the Orcs. Most of them are inspired and jump into the fight. The leader of the Whiteskin Orcs, called Bolga, appears. He holds a white orb and the projection of a hooded figure stands next to him giving him orders. The figure is the same they saw in the mines of Brynn Shander, in the Dead Rats hideout. Quinn shoots an arrow in his hand and the figure disappears as the orb falls down. The battle rages on and half of the Templars fall dead. Three of Hurins dwarves die as well, but the victory is near. The companions attack Bolga with all they’ve got. The chieftain of the Whiteskin orcs lies dead and Caer Dineval is finally free.

Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr14)+ 3000157000 / 165000
Quinn (Rog14) + 3000148000 / 165000
Mulgrim (Clr14)+ 3000148000 / 165000
Murdoc Jones (Src14)+ 3000148000 / 165000



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