Campaign of the Month: October 2016



This is preposterous. People in this town are afraid of goblins. I run in to some with mr bear, while we where using the sewer entrance into the city and he told me to hide. HIDE. FROM GOBLINS. HA!Anyway I found the old gang. Drank a bit. Killed some more goblins. I am still seeking meaning though. Comradery and feasting is all and good but what is the reason to leave the woods and enter society again if you don’t share your vision. I envision a new society born after the thunderstorm. Old roots cut, new seeds planted. The rain will nourish what the thunder allows to remain. And here is what I do not get about this city. Too many damnable clans and subclans from what mr Diploma explains. It is true. I myself saw their numerous banners and sigils… I am infuriated that my kin is forced out of their home and work. Time to bring the hammer and the blade to something other than goblins.To something that hiding from might actualy be a sound idea… to not follow.



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