Campaign of the Month: October 2016



They will soon open them… I can smell the blood mixed with sweat, sand and aged leather.

Behind and within my eyes, other eyes stare forward. The eyes of broken children. The eyes of the innocent slain. I can feel their chains clutching my heart, weighing on my shoulders. With my hand I grasp my blade. But their hands are the ones who keep it sharp. The Thunder itself roars inside my skull. Crackling and smashing through my clouded vision. It is Lord Marthammon Duin himself who forged those chains. A prayer to him for each downed foe. Beside me are my comrades. Clear and Powerful like the sky lit by white Lightning. Woe and terror to the enemies of Thornalf! I see them opening now, I can hear the lustful crowd.

Let them now hear the battlecry of Ulfgar and tremble! For the hour of revenge is near. Remember this day for it is the day that the glory of the Thunder God shall shower the filth of Luskan away.



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