Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 01 : Black Sails

Act I : The City Of Sails


Hammer 15, 1484 DR
Sword Coast, Sea Of Swords

The Rethnor merchant ship, Maria Aleyena, departed from The City Of Splendors, a week ago and begun the journey back to The City Of Sails. The tattooed dwarf drunk, Thornalf Ulfgar, boarded there, having an extremely important sealed letter in his possession. It was given to him from the Hammerhand clan in Waterdeep and it is to be delivered in the hands of Oleg Grimface, in the Mirabar district of Luskan. The ship ported in the small city of Leilon, where only a single passenger got on board. His name is Harry Westra and he is a young but a promiscuous wizard. Oh, he also has a diploma in arcane arts, graded by the one student academy of Master Tumult. This young fella, is visiting the Host Tower Of The Arcane in Luskan, to gain knowledge, power and a Master Degree perhaps? In the Jewel Of The North, as it is called the city of Neverwinter, a fast-walking, fast-talking, slow-trusting halfling, sneaked in the merchant ship and introduced himself as Olo Quickskin, a skin merchant from the mainland. Little did they know that, the little sneaker was tracking down a thief, actually HIS treasure map thief, carrying the name Norman Fatfinger.

Those not so ordinary travelers, met an interesting parade of peculiar character on their journey to Luskan. The quartermaster Jimmy Bear, a quite likable guy, but he is gonna rip you off if you talk money with him. The odd one foot cook, John Silver with his annoying parrot, the exotic dancer Orelei Loyalar, from the land of Amn, that made Harry forget all his spells in an instance. The discreet priestess of Tymora, Damara Hemingwey from Baldur’s Gate, the fat sweaty merchant Oloward Fletcher from Daggerford and the paladin of Torm, and anointed member of The Lords Alliance, Richorn followed by his two squires, who is on a mission of life and death. When they were, about one night away from their destination, the trembling voice of a sailor sounded as a disturbing alarm.

Sails! Black sails!!”, he shouted.

Captain Moris Redbeard, then knew that it was a pirate ship coming after them. Which was unexpected, because of the secret peace treaty the Rethnors and the other gangs had with the outlaws of the sea. He understood that even if he managed to reach the Whitesails Harbor, he would have to deal with his backstabbing countrymen. So he decided to sail through the reefs, if he wanted to have a chance to survive. He ordered his men to drop merchandise to lose weight and prepared for battle. A few miles away from the Coast Of Swords, the cannons fired and powder filled the nightsky. Many people lost their lives, and finally between the sharp rocks in the sea the pirate ship, rammed the merchant ship. Halforc blooded pirates jump on the deck, holding scimitars, axes and javellins. Captain Redbeard with Jimmy bear and a few strong hearted sailors with the aid of paladin Richorn, are defending their ship. Thornalf draws his greatsword, Harry loads his crossbow, while two holds down Olo stands snowblind, in front of chests filled with gold, in a storeroom filling with water . . .



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