Big Larry

Mercenary from the Barams in Luskan


Big Larry used to be one of the most fearsome mercenaries and tax collectors of the Barams.

Death (first time)
The winter of 1484DR, he gathered most of his clan’s members to lead them against the barbaric tribes of the north-men, that camped close to the villages north of Luskan. But before they reach their destination, an undead force, unleashed from the Luskan woods, massacred them and raised them back as undying creatures. The Banshee responsible for the killing, left only one Baram alive, requesting help to take her revenge.

Death (second time)
In the battle of the companions against the Banshee, the druid Carlin Crowveil of the Emerald Enclave, called a lightning towards the zombified Baram and burned his rotten flesh, killing him for good.


Big Larry

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