Bram Shocker

Chief Guard from Ship Taerl in Mirabar District of Luskan.


Bram used to be the chief guard of the Mirabar district, dealing with the problems of the merchant guilds, for the account of Ship Taerl. By the end of month Hammer, in 1484 DR, the dwarf merchants of the city had a big problem with the thieves of the sewres, stealing from their warehouses. Bram hired the companions. who defeated the goblin thieves and returned the stolen goods.

After The Darkening
Bram was in charge of the purge of the Barams, after they lost their greatest force by the Bansee. He was the one that took the head of Captain Baramson, of the Barams. With the assembly of the Luskan Army, Bram took the role of the gatekeeper of the North Gate and gained the rank of the Commander.


Bram Shocker

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