Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 46 : Raiders!
Act III - Chosen Of The Gods


Myrtul 5, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Caravan Trail, Sword Coast North

The days after the war, the companions closed their unfinished business and said their farewell to the City Of Sails. A statue of Ethan was made at the place of his death. It writes "The Last Of The Baram. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Meaning : “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Harry Westra decides to stay with Damara in Luskan and begins to craft a Portal at the Thunderstone Monastery. He gives Olo a Teleportation Stone so that the wizard can teleport himself to them in times of need.Dominic informs Quinn of the Harper agent in Bryn Sander, named Aarun. Oloward Fletcher opens up the Fletcher’s Emporium in Luskan.Beniago Kurth is reestablished as highcaptain of the Kurths. The Taerls and the Suljacks elect new captains andthe council of the Highcaptains is reassembled.The Pirates that helped the Lords Alliance receive amnesty and they form new Ships or join existing ones.Simone has 4 ships in her possession and founds with some ex pirate captains a new Thieves Guild “The Sons Of Anarchy”.Greywulf stays with a force of 50 men, to oversee the peace treaty for a month. The companions are named Heroes Of The Third Luskan War and receive gifts,horces and a caravan from Lord Neverember. They sell the Anarchy ship to Simone and the Blackjack ship to Lords Alliance. After their trade is over and as the snow begins to melt, opening the trade way to the North, they begin their new journey with the paladin of Amaunator, Damien, to IcewindDale.

The forth night of their travel, Quinn spots a refugee camp settled on the eastern trade road. They decide to keep an eye on them, but not interfere with them until the morning, to avoid scaring them. A while after midnight, a raiding group of bugbears, gnolls goblins and wargs attack the camp. Their only defenses is a paladin of Tyr, named sir Vito Galliano , an old mage and a young squire. They would find certain death if the companions weren’t there. Unfortunately, a dozen refugees and the old mage find tragic death and others are heavily wounded but the heroes aid the half-elf knight of the camp and drive the raiders away saving as many refugees as they can. Afterwards they realize that a few children are abducted from the raiders. For their good luck, Thornalf Ulfgar has taken a goblin as prisoner and he and Olo are about to get some answers about the raiders wereabouts.

Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr11)+ 300096000 / 100000
Olo Quickskin (Rog10/Wlc1)) + 300094000 / 100000
Quinn (Rog11)+ 300091000 / 100000
Vito Galliano (Pal10)+ 300067000 / 85000
Session 45 : A New Dawn
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 25, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, The City Of Sails

The halfling opens his eyes and finds himself in the bloody morgue of his dreams. Across him, behind a bench, the grim black man, takes human parts out of a bucket and places them on the table. As he places last, Ethan’s head, he speaks to Olo.

It seems you run out of options now that, your druid friend is dead! And it would pretty awful if you turn into a walking corpse in the middle of your little operation.”, say pointing a mirror on the wall.

Olo looks into the mirror and sees, from above himself and the force of the masked prisoner as they enter the Kurth tower, fighting the guards. The halfing knows very well that it is Orcus who stands before him. He asks to know what he has to do in return. The demon, offers to suppress the curse that burdens the halfing. He will even grand him unimaginable power, as long as the little one stays close to the paladin of Amaunator, Damien. Olo, reach for the golden cup and drinks with the demon. When he opens his eyes again he is in the great hall of the Kurth tower. The masked prisoner with his men are fighting the drows of Breagan D’aethre. He joins the fight and feels a dark power inside his rotten arm. In the heat of battle he invokes the demons powers and help the masked man defeat his nemesis. In the alleys south of Luskan Thornalf creates a pile of bodies in front of him. Every Luskanite or drow that move against him lay dead. Quinn, hides in the rooftops and assassinates the enemy commanders. The rebels win their battle and move towards the south gate, to join with the invading force of Lords Alliance. Lord Neverember enters the city as they defeated the defending forces and meets Greywulf and the Companions. As his army move deeper into the city, he guides his knights pass the Kurth tower towards the Host Tower of the Arcane. The companions inform him of the drow conspiracy and ask of him to listen to what the real Beniago Kurth has to say. Lord Neverember agrees, but conversations will take place after the defeat of the Arcane Brotherhood. As the horses cross the bridge, the allied fleet of Lords Alliance and Simone’s pirates, enter the bay as winners. Dark clouds twirl in the sky above the Arcane Tower. The darkness is pulled towards a black hole and as the knights reach the front door, a magical beam falls from the sky, and blast away everyone. Those who survive the magic wave, watch the manifestation of the darkening in a impenetrable armor around the Tower.

The Arcane Brotherhood is protected for now, but finally after a long time the morning sun shed its warm light in the Sword Coast. With this new dawn, a new beginning starts for the City Of Sails.


Harry Westra (Wiz10) + 250072500 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr11)+ 500093000 / 100000
Olo Quickskin (Rog10/Wlc1)) + 500091000 / 100000Drow Weapons, Velvet Lockbox, Valuables
Quinn (Rog10)+ 500088000 / 85000LVL UP!
Session 44 : Something To Die For
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 25, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
South Gate, Luskan

The following days the companions aid the Masked Prisoner to his endeavor to gain the allegiance of his old friends. He manages to persuade the three captains of the Drow conspiracy and reveals his true identity to them. The captains agree to follow him against the monarch of Luskan. The resistance grow in power and Harry completes the explosive device. Quinn scouts the south walls and spots the weak spot they will hit. The mechanism is powerful enough to destroy the wall but there is a chance of triggering instantly on activation. Greywulf believes the success of the mission is vital and he is ready to sacrifice himself and one of his men, to ensure the breaking of the wall. The companions disagree with this suicidal mission and persuade the Neverwinter Commander to follow another plan. In the morning as the hoard of Lords alliance sounds the invasion in Luskan, Quinn guide Ethan through the sewers as close to the weak spot as anyone can get, unnoticed. Ethan is invisible and he will put the bomb on the wall and then use his magical cloak to go in a save distance from the explosion. Thornalf with the Neverwinter elites taunt the Luskan battalion away, into the alleys where the forces of the resistance engage in the guerrilla warfare. Ethan quickly moves to the wall. He holds the mechanical device in his hands. He takes a deep breath and press the button. The explosion echoes as thunder beneath the darkened sky.

No! It was too soon!”, Quinn thinks to himself and ascend to the surface from the sewer exit.

Dust is floating, among rumbles of stone and dismembered bodies. He spots Ethan’s magic boots, in the ruins. His friend is lost. He gave his life for the salvation of this city. The last of the Baram is no more, but his memory will remain. The figures of the charging soldiers and the Banners of Lords alliance appears through the dust at the wall breach.

In another part of the city, hidden in the ruins of the illusk Olo with the masked prisoner and his new allies are ready to attack the Kurth Tower. They plan to kill the drow impostor and give Beniago his old life back. The sound of the explosion is their sign to start their attack. But the halfing, feels and incredible pain coming from his cursed arm and a deep voice, echoes in his head.

Come drink with me child. And your suffering will end…

Harry Westra (Wiz10) + 150070000 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr11)+ 300088000 / 100000
Olo Quickskin (Rog10) + 300086000 / 85000LVL UP!
Quinn (Rog10)+ 300083000 / 85000
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd4)-73000 / 85000DECEASED!
Session 43 : Resistance Pt. 2
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 15, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, The City Of Sails

Commander Greywulf opens the city maps and explain the plan of the resistance. With the aid of Dominic the Harper, the priestess of Lady Luck Damara , the paladin of Amaunator Damien and the help of the companions, he believes they will give a great advantage to the forces of Lords Alliance, in the upcoming siege.The plan consists of three basic tasks.

I. Protect Vital Locations
• Fletcher’s Warehouse in North District, were equipment is distributed for the resistance.
• The Needle, an old water tower in South District that is used as a safe house.
• Thunderstone Monastery, under the city the old dwarven holy place is the headquarter of the resistance.

II. Grow In Power
• Upgrade equipment by gaining more and better weapons and armors.
• Gain sufficient supplies for the members.
• Expand by recruiting more members.
• Train new recruits in battle tactics and fighting.

III. Sabotage
• Retrieve enemy Intel from enemy Command Posts.
• Poison food at the barracks.
• Set some warehouses on fire.
• Assassinate enemy commanders.
• Create mistrust among factions.

The companions learn from the Dominic that another fight in the Arena will be held tomorrow. Beniago Kurth will be there, as many Luskan commanders. This is their opportunity to find out if the story of the masked prisoner is true and if they will go through with his plan, of getting his old allies with their side.They ask the help of the merchant Oloward Fletcher, that acts undercover as member of The Taerls. Olo disguise himself as Fletcher’s new partner and Quinn as his simple bodyguard. They enter the Arena as audience, and they sit with the Taerls. Quinn, moves unnoticed and sips the the deadly poison, into the drink of Bram Shocker, the Taerl Commander of the North Gate. Olo moves as close as he can to the, entourage of HighCaptain Beniago, he sees him through his gem of true seeing. He see him as the Drow he really is. The masked prisoner was telling the truth!
In another side of the city Thornalf accompanied by two of the Neverwinter elites, sneak into a warehouse and blaze it up. The companions reunite into the Thunderstone Monastery and bring the ill news about his wife to the Maked Man.

At least she is free. I hope she didn’t suffer.”, says behind his iron mask and let a tear escape his eye.

He puts apiece of cloth out of his pocket and offers it to Quinn. The names of the captains who they have to persuade to change sides, are written on it.

Anne Bonny of the Suljacks
Samuel Bellamy (Black Sam) of the Taerls
Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart) of the Kurths

Harry Westra (Wiz10) + 150068500 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr10)+ 300085000 / 85000LVL UP!
Olo Quickskin (Rog10) + 300083000 / 85000
Quinn (Rog10)+ 300080000 / 85000
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd4)+ 150073000 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Session 42 : Resistance
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 14, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Ruins Of Ilusk, Luskan

The heroes rest by the campfire, in the old mines under the city of sails and hear the story of the masked prisoner. He tells them about the years he spent in the hands of the Drows and the horrors he endured. After a long conversation about their purpose and their stand in the waging war, the prisoner takes out his mask and reveals himself. The face in front of them is the face of Beniago Kurth, the High Captain of Luskan. The heroes are confused, angry, suspicious. He explains the conspiracy of Bregan D aethre and how their chief Jarlaxe joined forces with archmage Menethir of the Arcane Brotherhood, to captivate Beniago and replace him with an impostor, in order to rule Luskan. He was ready to establish an alliance with the Lords Alliance, five years ago and he is ready to do it again. For a free Luskan, he say, with no monarchs or kings or lords. The companions consider his proposal and decide to contact Neverwinter, after they check his story.Back in Thunderstone Monastery the resistance is preparing the ground for the attack of the Neverwinter forces. It will happen in the next tenday. Dominic persuade more people to join their cause. Greywulf sabotages the enemy from within. Harry Westra is crafting an exploding mechanism that will damage the South Gate, the day of the siege. Another pigeon arrives from Simone and Olo, has pigeonsoup once again. In her secret message, she writes that she took the ship to the Pirate Isles, where the pirate captains held their meeting to decide their stand in the war. There was harsh talk, a challenge, a killing and suddenly she was the Queen of the Pirates! Now she lead the pirate fleet in the aid of Neverwinter.

Harry Westra (Wiz10) + 150067000 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr10)+ 300082000 / 85000
Olo Quickskin (Rog10) + 300080000 / 85000
Quinn (Rog10)+ 300077000 / 85000Harpers Renown (10), Gained Rank 3 “Brightcandle”
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd4)+ 300071500 / 85000
Session 41 : The Masked Prisoner
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 13, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Ruins Of Ilusk, Luskan

Quinn, Olo and Ethan scout the old mine caves ahead and follow the voices of the Drows. They reach upon an underground ancient city of the Iluskan empire, that now lay on ruins. About five Drows drag a chained masked prisoner, towards a ruined tavern of some short. They hear voices and music from the building. The scouts return to the rest of the group and they choose to investigate further what’s happening inside those ruins and try to free the prisoner. The halfling and the Harper, hide on the rear side of the tavern, among the scattered stones, while the rest of them wait in the darkness for the proper time to attack. The backdoor opens and a deep gnome exits, accompanied by a human with an eye patch. The companions recognize him as a member of the Coinspinners, Rick the Slick. A low lifer that has his hand deep into slavery, bets, and fights. Rick with the deep gnome, talk about the cage fight that is about to start soon inside, between the Drows’ and the Duergars’ gladiators. The Coinspinner tells a bit of the story of the masked prisoner, about the torturing, the fighting and the horrors he has endured in the hands of the dark elves.Quinn and Olo decide to take them out silently. They poison their magic arrows and they assassinate them in cold blood. They hide their bodies and the halfing uses his thieves tools to lock the door from the outside. They they hide in the perimeter of the building and they cover the front exit. A young brunette holding a lamb, comes out calling for Rick. With no hesitation, the halfling fire his crossbow and the woman falls on the mud breathless. Quinn asks for Harry to make him invisible and then enters the tavern. He sees four Luskanites, three Duergars and three Drows gathered around a huge fighting cage, watching the spectacle, drinking and shouting. Inside the cage, the masked prisoner rolls around trying to dodge the swinging greataxe of an Orc barbarian. Quinn moves stealthy to gain line of sight of the sorcerer looking Drow. Suddenly he appears out of thin air and shoots his arrow, piercing through the chest of the Drow and dashes outside. After that, came blood thirst and mayhem. One of the Luskanites was there with his teenage son and they try to flee but the father holding his sword, wearing the symbol of the Suljacks isperceived as threat from Thornalf and dies by his sword. The fleeing son falls from Ethan’s volley of bolts, as the Ranger in the darkness, just sees an enemy figure running to call for backup, possibly. The wounded Drow flees down a hatch with one of his guards and leave the other Drow fighter behind. The paladin disarms one of the Luskinites and spare his life.The battle continues inside the ancient tavern, while Olo on the back of the building kills one fleeing Duergar and hunts down the other like pray.He caught the grey dwarf deeper in the ruins, and he exchanges his shack of precious things for his life. Into the tavern Luskinites, Duergars, the Drow and the Orc barbarian lie down in a pool of blood. The Masked prisoner speaks and in a weird way his words indicate intellect and madness, pain and numbness combined. He warns that many inhabitants of the Underdark lurk in the ruins and he joins the companions on their way back through the mines. The heroes leave this place wth some of them considering if what they’ve done was heroic at all.

Harry Westra (Wiz10) + 150065500 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr10)+ 300079000 / 85000Drow Snachel, Drow Ring Of House Baenre
Olo Quickskin (Rog10) + 300077000 / 85000Gold,Ancient Art,Duergars Snatchel, x3 Flammable Bottles
Quinn (Rog10)+ 300074000 / 85000
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd4)+ 150068500 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Session 40 : To Kill A Devil
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 12, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Adramalech’s Lair, Luskan

Fiendish abominations surround the companions, trying to breach their defense and hurt the paladin. Harry counters the flying Erynia’s spells, Thornalf and Quinn block the enemies, Olo shoots his arrows from the shadows and Ethan calls the power of nature to entangle the minions of hell. With every blow against Damien, with every distraction, the devil, Adramalech retaliates. At first he tries to extract the souls of the children from Thornalf’s tattoos but the dwarf posses more willpower than everyone thinks.Then he utters fiendish words setting the totem on fire, healing his minions, making them stronger. The dwarf duels with the bearded devil in front of him, in a battle of steel versus raw power and lightning. Olo and Harry throw a net on the Erynia, bringing her down. Then the wizard enlarge himself and dashes to the flaming totem, knocking it down. The halfling thief rush against the Erynia, trying to stop her flaming rampage. As Ethan pierce the minions one after another with his arrows, Thornalf cuts the head of the bearded devil and throws his greatsword to the Erynia’s wing, stopping her from flying again. Olo and Quinn flank her and end her swiftly. As Adramalech’s minions dissolve into ashes, an angel of light, Uriel, appears behind the paladin and together they banish the devil, from the face of Faerun. With their murderer gone, the souls of the dead children leave from Thornalf’s tatoos and ascent to heaven, leaving the face of the dwarf inkless. The voice of his god, Marthammor Duin speaks into the dwarfs mind.

My son, you are clean from your sins. You are atoned.

Olo picks up the three summoning pages left back from the fiends and offers them to Damien, but he refuses saying,

I cannot keep those pages. My soul belongs to Amaunator but the blood of Orcus run through my veins. He has marked me and he will never stop claiming me. It’s better if you guard them.

Ethan check the caves and hear the echoes of drow whispers. He understands two words.

Prisoner”. “Masque”.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 500064000 / 64000MISSEDSESSION!ANNIVERSARY BONUS!LVL UP!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr10)+ 500076000 / 85000NSPIRATION!
Olo Quickskin (Rog9/?1) + 500074000 / 85000Summoning Page(Erinyes),Summoning Page(Barbazu),Summoning Page(Adramalech)NSPIRATION!
Quinn (Rog10)+ 500071000 / 85000NSPIRATION!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 500067000 / 64000INSPIRATION!LVL UP!
Session 39 : Into the Old Mines
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 11, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Old Mines, Luskan

The heroes rest on the rusty rails of the old mines under the city sewers. They follow the paladin’s sense of the devil and they descent a deep mine hole. On their way down, fiendish abominations crawl out of the dirt and attack them. The heroes slash their way to the ground. Among the mine ruins they discover a hideout with dead Dragonbloods inside. It seems they took their own life, in various gruesome ways. A huge iron smashed cage, look like something big has escaped. Harry detects some magical ammunition behind an old wooden bookcase. They reach a large underwater lake with tree rocks coming out of the water, connected with wooden planks. As they cross the lake, Quinn notices something moving in dark water and fires one of his magic arrows. Then a moment of silence. Followed by a large black dragon ascending from the depths of the lake and landing in front of them. The dragon sprays his acid breath and attacks with wings and claws. The heroes answer with wrath and bring the beast down. Olo and Harry cut the black dragons head off and throw it down the portable hole. After the fight the rest in an old miners chamber where they discover the long dead dwarf’s treasure. A case of precious stones and a magic dwarven belt, with his journal, “The life and deeds of Kelgar Ironfist.” The paladin senses that the devil is near. They pass through catacombs covered by living bloody tissue, that has creatures trapped inside it, sucking the life out of them. The companions stop in front of a totem made of human parts. Behind it a portal to the pits of hell slowly opens. The thousand voices of Adramalech, whisper inside their minds, reminding their sins, filling them with guilt. Some resist but others break under the devil’s trickery and are compelled to hurt themselves to the death. Damien opens the Book Of Exalted Deeds and begins the banishment. The celestial power empowers the will of their comrades and with defiance of the devil they take a defensive stance, around the paladin of Amaunator. Flying pages gather in front of the totem, taking the form of an old beggar. The powers of Celestia and Baator clash, through words. Out of the dark corners of the old underground mines of Luskan, the minions of hell appear and charge against the heroes.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 250059000 / 640005 gems, 5 Books, Dragonblood armor & weapon, 3 Black ScalesMISSED SESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr10)+ 500071000 / 850005 gems,Belt Of Dwarvenkind, Kelgar’s JournalLINSPIRATION
Olo Quickskin (Rog10) + 250069000/ 850005 gems, 10 bolts +1, Black Bragons Head, 3 Black scalesMISSED SESSION!
Quinn (Rog9)+ 500066000 / 640005 gems, 5 Arrows +1LVL UP!INSPIRATION
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 500062000 / 640005 gems, 5 Arrows +1INSPIRATION
Session 38 : Rotting Arm
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 7, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan Woods, Swordcoast

The heroes spirits return to their bodies, inside the Druidic circle, in Luskan Woods. They freed the tiefling paladin of Amaunator, Damian Demark, from Orcus’ demonic possession. But something else came back with them. When the halfling touched the dissolving wing of Demon, a curse fell upon him. He started to turn into an undead abomination. However, the combined powers of the druids, manage to slow down the effect of the curse and limit the rot on the halfling’s arm.

Olo, my poor boy. There is only one who can help you fight this curse. In the snowy peaks of Spine Of The World, in the region called Justice Fall, lives a hermit. You must seek him out!”, says Crowveil to the halfling.

The companions, see the bodies of some followers of Orcus lying around the circle. They learn that the ritual last for three days, while it felt that they were gone only for a few hours. Those men attacked, trying to stop the ritual, but Greywulf’s soldiers defeated them. The next few days, until the end of the tenday, the companions rest and make plans for their next steps. Crowveil unpetrifies the elf guardian of the priestess Celine Moonchild.The druid decides to accompany the priestess to Icewind Dale. The blind dwarf, Belnan and the gnome bard, Andy will follow them. They will stay in the hideout, a few days, until the forest is healed and then they will begin their journey to the north. Quinn, lead their companions and the Nevewinter Elites, through the secret entrance into the sewers under Luskan. They spot carvings on the walls and markings on the floor, all over the swerves. Damien recognizes that those are seals and they seem to keep the forces of the devil contained, down there. They have seen that writing before, on Yamamoto’s tattoos and quickly they understand that the Dragonbloods must have something to do with that. They reach the Thunderstone Monastery underground and they reunite with cleric Damara and the followers of Tymora. The Harper, Dominic is also there. Dom informs them of the situation inside the city. The allied forces of the Kurths, the Drows and the Arcane Brotherhood made a coup and they are preparing their army for the war against Neverwinter. Also there that there is a dark force lurk underneath the sewres. But the companions already know that. In fact that is the reason why they journeyed to the Treasure island and found the Book Of Exalted Deeds. And now they have a paladin to use it. This place seems to be safe from both Luskanites and devils. There, Greywulf decide to set their base of operations. Damien Demark, the 666th paladin of Amaunator, opens the book of Exalted Deeds and a divine warmth fills everybody’s heart.

I can sense them. They are near. When i find him, i will unleash this exalted power against the devil. I am sure that the minions of hell will try to interrupt me. Protect me at all costs, when i perform the banishment. We have only one chance to send Adramalech and his devils back to Baator. Follow me!” says the paladin and lead them deeper into the old mines under the city’s sewers.

As they cross a long forgotten, dusty railway, in the mines, the sound of a dozen wings comes from the catacombs ahead and soon they are surrounded by bloody imps, ordered by a winged creature, with twisted horns holding a trident. Quinn attacks from the shadows, Thornalf cuts his way through his enemies, Harry unleashes the power of the arcana upon the devils, Ethan summons his druidic magic against them and Damien smites them with holy wrath. And Olo ? The little sneaker, flanks the horned devil and holding his vicious sword with his raw-boned hand, he strikes the final blow. As the devil turn into ashes, a single page is left pierced in the rogues blade, that writes one word. “Cornugon”.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 150056500 / 64000Deck Of Many ThingsMISSED SESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr9)+ 300066000 / 64000LVL UP!
Olo Quickskin (Rog9) + 300066000 / 64000Summoning Page (Cornugon)LVL UP!
Quinn (Rog9)+ 150061000 / 64000MISSED SESSION!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 300057000 / 64000Emerald Enclave Renown (6), Gained Rank 2 "Summerstrider "
Session 37 : Orcus Dei
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 4, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
333rd Layer Of The Abyss, Thanatos

Inside the Neverwinter elites hideout, after tendering Graywulf’s wounds the druid Crowveil, informs the companions that the darkening scared away the barbarians, who fled back to the spine of the world. The bard, Andy Bernard enters the cave followed by the elf priestess Celine and the blinded dwarf, accompanied by the two Neverwinter soldiers. They report that they didn’t find they Anarchy anchored in the Crabshore bay. Simone has sailed away. Crowveil notices the spell scar on Celin’s wrist and speaks of the Chosens of the gods and the distinct birthmarks on them. He is suspecting that the darkening is conjured by the chosen of an evil deity. Harry ask of him to assemble his circle and perform a ritual to transport inside the Soulgem. They have to free the paladin from that prison, in order to defeat the devil that lurks under Luskan. The druid breaks his staff in three pieces and creates a circle around the companions and the gem. From each piece, a druid from the emerald enclave is summoned and they start the spirit-walk ritual. The druidic song carries the heroes spirits away.

Thornalf Ulfgar stands in front of the Helm of the Thunergod, inside his holy place. The pilgrims chant inside the temple. The runepriest adresses to Thornalf,

Do ye think ye earn your atonement, exile?

No . . . not yet.”, answers Thornalf.

The relics of the gods are not to be used from humans. You will guard the Helm and make sure of it.”, orders the runepriest.

After a while, in the middle of his shift, fire burns the dwarven corridors and people scream for help. A great shadow appears and the dying priest shout to Thornalf that only the power of their god can save them. Thornalf, grabs the Helm and put it on, for the second time, as thunder and lightning whirls around him.

Ethan Vrammyr, finds himself inside a falling waterfall. He is one with the water. Ont the one side, of the waterfall he sees himself, wearing the most expensive equipment, leading a group of mercenaries against pirates, defending their treasure. On the other side, he watches a version of him, in worn out clothes holding nothing but a wooden staff, defending alone two elves attacked by a group of orc barbarians. Ethan, steps out of the water, on the path of the druid.

Harry Westra, stares in owe the great library of the Arcane Brotherhood. Next to him a blind old wizard, whispers.

Look in the shadows, Harry. Do you see your brother, sneaking? He is trying to steal the Hand Of Vecna. This is a dangerous artifact and innocent people will die if it leaves this place. Stop him, or i will.

He shouts at his brother to stop, but his sibling runs faster towards the relic. Harry, then, teleport in front of the Hand and grabs it.

Olo Quickskin, swipes the carpet outside his store, when a mob of the followers of Umberlee, drag the merchant Oloward Fletcher towards the gallows pole, shouting against the thief. Olo, reach into his pocket and grabs the Ring Of Wishes he recently stole from the temple of Umberlee. He puts it on and a red skinned Genasi appears in front of him granting him a wish.

I wish the ring to return, where it was, before i stole it.”, the halfling asks.

The djiini with a smirk in his face, grand his wish and Olo find himself in the temple of Umberlee, infront of the case with the ring in it. Out of th window the mob hangs Fletcher and the door behind him slowly opens.

Quinn, hides in the shadows outside the room of Captain Beniago Kurth, in the Captains castle in Luskan. With his assassination the Luskan army will stay headless. As he sneaks up behind him, he sees behind the curtains Beniago’s wife holding their baby in her arms. Without hesitation, the assassin cuts the Captains throat in front of his family. As the woman tries to reach the alarm, Quinn flees out of the window.

Suddenly, the five of them, appear in the corridor of a demonic tower, with a sealed stone door, behind them. In the middle of the door, is carved the shape of the Soulgem. They find a skin, on the wall with the map of the abyss, where the region called Thanatos is outlined. They wander into the tower and they reach a circle room with 21 statues. A dark cloaked figure, with long thin fingers appears. He holds a chain of cards in front of him and whispers.

You are on the wrong side of the board, players! In this game I give nothing, here the Game Master takes everything!

The statues start to animate, and unimaginable hazards start to fill the room. Thornalf runs towards the heavy prison door across the room and remember that he has seen it again on the card given to them by the weird drow, some time ago.

“The card is the key!”, the dwarf shouts.

Harry, pulls the Donjon card out of his bag of holding, and shows it to the Game Master. In a whirling force the cloaked figure and all the cards are sucked in a small wooden box on the floor. As the prison door open, Harry, puts the box into his bag. They move across the floor made of skulls and the finally enter the hall of the demonic throne. On the skeletal throne sits their tielfing friend Damien. But he is, changed. His horns bigger and twisted, his skin reddish with gruesome wings in his back. A demonic fire burns in his eyes. He holds a spine in his hand, with a skull on its end.

Here they come, in front of me sun god, to save your pawn. But I don’t see them kneeling. They’re not begging. Your ignorance mortals, amuses me. Your arrogance, infuriates me. This soul belongs to me. Soon I will completely devour it, when my minions take the gem out of your dead bodies, in that forest. You have but one choice, mortals. Release me into your world and I will deal with this lesser devil in Luskan, myself. I shall grand you unimaginable powers. You will ride by Orcus side, as my horsemen of the apocalypse. And you shall be kings in the new world.

the demon gaze upon their souls and knows that they defy him. He summons his skeleton army against them and smites them with his abyssal might. The heroes hit back hard, but in the end it took a memory to save the paladin. Olo, grabs the paladin’s hand and puts in the amulet of the Phoenix. Damien, remembers his Oath, and recognize his friends. Harry casts a spell and disarm him of the demons weapon. As the power of the demon over the paladin fades away they hit until Damien is freed from Orcus grasp. The tower starts shaking and Ethan envision the gem as Crowveil instructed him, in order to return to the material world. As their souls leave that place, Olo grabs a piece of Orcus dissolving wing, and feels the necrotic power to come back with him.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 500055000 / 64000Deck Of Many ThingsINSPIRATION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr9)+ 500063000 / 64000INSPIRATION!
Olo Quickskin (Rog9) + 500063000 / 64000Map Of The Abyss, Skull From Thanatos, Orcus BoneINSPIRATION!
Quinn (Rog9)+ 500059500 / 64000INSPIRATION!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 500054000 / 64000INSPIRATION!

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