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Session 36 : Lady Of Death
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 3, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers 
Sword Coast, Luskan Woods

Belnan Bloodingot returns from Moradin’s Halls of the Dead, taking a deep breath. His eyes, though, are dark as the sky above them. The blinded fighter falls into despair and Thornalf give him words of comfort, swearing to kill the Ork King and fulfill Belnan’s Oath. Quinn suggests the wounded soldiers, with the dwarf and the elf priestess who seems sick, to return back to the ship. Olo, carefully loot the undead recovering a very interesting map, called “Captain Pip’s Treasure Map”. The Neverwinter Elite scouts, lead the companions to their hideout inside the forest. In a cave their middle-aged commander studies maps and notes.

“My name is Greywolf, friends. I didn’t expect those bureaucrats, to act so quickly. What news from Neverwinter?”

They share their story of how they helped Admiral Smith and that now they came to his aid. Commander Greywolf, informs them that he lost a third of his group in the haunted woods. His plan is to infiltrate Luskan with his men and establish a base of operations, where they will sabotage, collect intel and incite a rebellion from inside the enemy walls. His guide perished, so he ask them to lead his force inside the city. However, they all agree that the undead must be stopped first. Ethan uses his druidic tome to contact Crowveil and the old druid, speaks to him through Thornalfs crow, once again. He informs them that they should destroy the Bansee that controls the undead. Her lair is in the old shrine of Kelemvor in the woods. The companions with the Neverwinter elites move across the forest slashing the undying minions until they reach the shrine. Thornalf charges against the swarm of zombies with his dark blade, and Harry follows attacking with fire and punches. Ethan cast a silence spell in the area of the fight and summons a flying creature to aid him as he covers his allies. Quinn attacks the bunch from one side with the sword of The Snake Eyes, while Greywolf swings his steel wolf-blade,from the other. Olo, hides in the bushes and tries to sneak in the shrine from a hole on the side. As the mist thickens and more zombies gather around them, under the arch of the shrine appears the undying body of Maunak Stonebreaker, one of the goliaths they freed from the Anarchy. Serving his lady of death, he turns his hollow eyes against the companions ready to attack. From the trees echoes a deep voice screaming,

“Brother! It’s time to rest now. . .”

and Keogak Thunderfist the goliath’s brother charges against his brother. The two goliaths clash in a battle of life and death. With him, a crow lands in front of the zombies that once were the Baram mercenaries, and his feathers transform into a cape revealing the druid Crowveil, that unleashes the power of nature against the abominations. As her minions fall one after another, the Bansee, emerges from the tombs under the shrine. She screams, but her voice is countered by the silence spell the young ranger maintains. Olo sneaks into the shrine and attack her in the back with his magical sword of wounding, and the ghostly woman bleeds. Thornalf, ignore the zombies and attack her, but as his dark blade reaches her ethereal skin, it stops. He hears her voice in his head,

“This blade cannot hurt me, for it has my name on it!”, and the runes on the sword now clearly read a name. Tinuthiel.

“Now, kill the halfling!”, she commands again and Thornalf loses control over his body. The voices of the younglings scream to him,

“Resist, defy her! You are strong! Resit her!”, but the power of her unholy wrath overcome the dwarf’s willpower and he moves the blade towards Olo’s skull.

Harry Westra is holding two zombies from the neck, while his fire shield burns more around him, when he sees the dwarf trying to attack the halfling.

“Thornalf, you drunk fool, what are you doing?” he shouts, but no sound echoes in the air. Instantly he channels his divination ability, to alter the outcome of Thornalf’s attack, who ultimately misses.

The dwarf drops the dark blade and grabs his head. Commander Graywolf charge against the Bansee but she manipulates the mist around her, and cut off his hand as he approaches.

“Take it Thornalf, kill the bitch once and for all.”

As his companions fight the Bansee, the dwarf grabs the wolf-blade and swings it back and forth until the ghastly face of the undying elf lady is ripped of. As she dissolves into nothingness, the undead fall to the ground lifeless.

The curse of Lady Tinuthiel, is finally lifted.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 150050000 / 64000MISSED SESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr9)+ 300058000 / 64000INSPIRATION!
Olo Quickskin (Rog9) + 300058000 / 64000Captain Pip’s Treasure, Bansees Braids, 50 gpINSPIRATION!
Quinn (Rog9)+ 150054500 / 64000MISSED SESSION!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 300049000 / 64000Big Larrys Notes, 15 gpINSPIRATION! +2 Renown
Spirits in the world


We have found ourselves in the midst of Darkness. A great priest of the Thunder God once said that the end of the world is the end of each day. The Omens are everywhere, lightning storms are more frequent and more vicious as they come down bellowing from the mountains and the skies. The Lords of men emerge from their Seaside castles to go to war against other Lords of men from other Seaside castles. The Dead are walking the earth once again-their minds attached to Great Shadows from the world’s birth. This is the time to be an adventurer, this is the time to be holding arms, muddying boots, crossing continents.

This “magic” that they are talking about is all around us, I have only seen the word of God manifesting in the world but I have never before seen what those Weavers are doing. The sagas where true. Possibly not as true as this retarded and obnoxious little gnome sings about, but true enough. Today a dwarf died before my very eyes. With his dying breath he bound me into an oath. I saw his eyes go blank and roll into nothingness and then light up again after some magic from mister Diploma! If the Dead return from the graves who is dead and who is alive? Maybe the dead are alive and those who are alive are truly dead. Maybe we are just Spirits in this world, Words spoken by the Gods, fashioned from stones, from the sea, the air, the mud, the iron, brought into being to inhabit and to depart and then to inhabit again. Maybe the only thing that remains is our Deeds, our Oaths, our Promises, the shoulders along which we fight.

I gave a promise to a dying man, regardless of whether the spirit in him returned, or another came to stand him on his feet. I gave a promise to a breath of God. And I will keep it.

Hartusk will die.

Session 35 : The Walking Dead
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 2, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers 
Sword Coast, Luskan Woods

In the darkened morning, the Anarchy reaches the hidden shore, in the woods north of Luskan. A pirate ship departs as the companions enter the bay. The magic flag on their ship, tricks the pirates into believing that the Anarchy is also a pirate ship. The pirate captain yells towards Simone,

Lady, that ain’t a place to port. Creatures that defy death, are spread all over the land.

The companions learn from the pirate that a pirate council has been called, where the pirate captains will decide their stand in the war between Luskan and the Lords Alliance. Harry sends a magical eye, to scan the forest and he sees the swarm of the undead creatures that lurk there. They land on shore, followed by the Neverwinter soldiers. Quinn follows some human tracks deeper into the woods. He stops when he sees the two humans lying dead, being eaten by the undead. The assassin strikes fast and the others jump into the fight. Quickly they defeat the small bunch of zombies but before they know it they are surrounded by the undead and more keeps coming. The elf priestess calls upon the divine power of Mieliki and drives away some of them, but the darkening is hurting her every time she uses her powers. The wizard is surrounded by a fire shield and throw himself into the fight. Thornalf slashes the zombies one by one, while the soldiers create a human shield around their companions. Half of them fall dead, Olo is paralyzed in the bushes and Belnan in an effort to protect the gnome bard, is eaten alive. Despite their loses, the companions defeat the dead, with the help of two scouts from the Neverwinter elites, that appeared behind the trees. With his dying breath Belnan turns to Thornafl and give him his brothers ring.

Honor my name Ulfgar. Kill Hartusk for me . . .

As the dwarfs life ends, Harry steps forward, revealing the Cloak Of The Phoenix.

There is still hope, friend.”, he whispers and uses the power of the cloak, to revivify his fallen companion.

Session 34 : Nightfall
Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 1, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers 
Luskan Waters, Sea Of Swords

The Anarchy ship uses the false flag to trick the Kurths, and moves towards them to aid Neverwinter flagship. The Arcane Brotherhood mage, see through the illusion and attacks the companions with thunderbolts. They answer with arrows and fire until the two vessels collide. Quinn, Thornalf, Harry, Olo and Ethan lead their crew against the allied forces of the Kurths and the Drows. Although many men fall from both sides the companions prevail. The priest of Umberlee lies dead, pierced from the heroes arrows. Thornalf cuts off the head of the drow leader, with the red hat. The dwarfs magic blade speaks to him one last time,

Yes, drow blood! Give it to me . . . At last, I am awaken . . .My blood reign has come.”, and the spirit of the blade silences.

Harry, confronts the mage, who appears to be the one he already met, Thalia Volaris. Before she flees from the ship, defeated, she turns towards Luskan, and say,

You are too late. It’s done!”, and then she jumps into the sea.

From the Host Tower of the Arcane, a purple beam of magic, raises up to the sky and darkness covers the entire sword cost. The elf priestess of Mieliki, falls on her knees, saying

The prophecy! It’s too soon! We need more time!

The remaining enemy ships retreat back to the City Of Sails, and the heroes are invited to Admiral Smith’s cabin. He explains that this conflict was a distraction to give a window of opportunity to a single ship to transfer an elite force to Neverwinter Woods. The lords alliance plans to attack with their ships, the Luskan port, while the army sieges the south gate. And then, from the north of the city where it is least expected their elites will sneak up in. The companions warns the admiral, of the undead forces hunting the woods and they try to convince him to move his ships to aid those men. The admiral refuses to act against his orders and offers a handful of soldiers if, the heroes take up on that task. Disappointed with the stubbornness of the admiral and the bureaucracy of the alliance, they decide to help the alliance battalion and save them from certain death, or worst. The companions bury their dead to the sea and Thornalf carves the names of the fallen on his chest, to honor them. The remaining crew decides that they had seen enough war and death, and they want to sail south. The companions order Jimmy Bear to sail with them to Leilon, on the Blackjack. On board the Anarchy, the companions with Simone, the survivors of the NorthStar and the soldiers of Neverwinter sail north, watching little by little the morning sky, covered by the magic night.

The Darkening has come.

Harry Westra (Wiz8) + 450045500 / 48000Umberlees Helm & MaceINSPIRATION GAINED!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr8)+ 450052000 / 48000LEVEL UP!INSPIRATION GAINED!
Olo Quickskin (Rog8)+ 450052000 / 48000Drow Red Hat, Stolen ValuablesLEVEL UP!INSPIRATION GAINED!
Quinn (Rog8)+ 450050000 / 48000LEVEL UP!INSPIRATION GAINED!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd2)+ 450043000 / 48000INSPIRATION GAINED!
Session 33 : Clash Of Titans
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 24, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers 
Treasure Island, Sea Of Swords

The companions start their journey back, with Captain Flynt’s Treasure in their packs and the divine Book Of Exalted Deeds in their possession. Harry examines the book carefully and comes to the conclusion that only a paladin can open the angelic lock and use the books power. Simone tries to persuade them that if they sell it they will gain more wealth than they can ever imagine. She promises that they can acquire an army, a castle, ships and whatever else they want, but she fails to persuade any of them. Olo suggests that Damien could use the book, but first they should find a way to free him from the soulgem. Harry needs a circle of spellcasters, to make a ritual so the can access the gem. The arcane brotherhood or the emerald enclave, could posses the skills to perform the ritual. As they reach the shore they find the sailors fighting the creatures of the sea called Sahuagin. Until they reach the ships the fight is over and Jimmy Bear with the men drove of the attackers. Three sailors died and some are injured, but all of them are scared with broken moral. Quinn and Thornalf decide to give their share of the treasure to the sailors and the dwarf speak to the heart of the men and inspire them. While the ships sail towards the narrow passage, that will lead them out of the bay, a huge sea monster embraces the stones with his tentacles blocking their exit. The Shahuagin attack the two ships from the sea. A roar echoes in the sky and the huge green dragon flies towards his nemesis of the depths. Wings clash with tentacles and lizardfolk appears from the jungle attacking the Sahuagin. Simone leads the ships underneath the fighting monsters and finally they reach the ocean, leaving the savage island and its mysteries for good. The days pass in the sea and the first day of the Tarsak, they are getting close to Luskan. They are sailing towards a storm, this morning. Under the dark clouds they see a dozen ships from the North with Kurth, Taerl, Suljack and pirate banners united under the Luskan flag. From the south about half that many ships move to formation. In the morning air of the sea of swords, waves the white and blue flag of Neverwinter.

Harry Westra (Wiz8) + 2000 41000 / 48000
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr8)+ 200047500 / 48000
Olo Quickskin (Rog8) + 200047500 / 48000
Quinn (Rog8)+ 200045500 / 48000
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd2)+ 200038500 / 48000
Session 32 : The Eye Of The Beholder
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 23, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers 
Treasure Island, Sea Of Swords

A sudden heavy downpour, compels the companions to search for protection against the rain, so Harry starts a ritual to conjure a magical hut for them. Then the wizard tries to unlock the mysteries of the gold ring he found in the Netheriz ruins. Finally, he finds out that the air is the key and he blows the ring. Then out of a cloud of smoke, appears a jinni and addresses to him,

I am Aziz Al Habar and I am from the Genashi kin. I am bound to serve the master of the ring, since that wretched wizard imprisoned me in it.

What ? And how can you gain your freedom?”, replies Harry.

Only the master of the ring can free me.”, said the djiini.

Alright then! You are free . . . Really, go!”, said Harry, setting the spirit of the ring free.

When the rain stops they continue and they find in their way some Lizardfolk symbols and a track from a huge lizard-like creature. As they reach a river in the jungle, the shadow of a flying creature, passes them by. After a moment they hear a terrifying roar and they see a huge green dragon raising on top of the trees. The companions hide in absolute silence and the creature, passes by. Their journey continues until they reach the old well, where the magic map marks the location of Captain Flynt’s treasure. In the caverns underneath they gaze upon the piles of gold, the jewels, the gems and the elegant weapons and armors. Harry detects five sources of magic coming out from the treasure. As they search for items of wonder and stuff the treasure int their extra dimensional pockets, Splinter’s voice sounds like an alarm in Harry’s head.

Master, it’s coming! Run, run !!

A ray of magic hits the elf guardian, while he unsheathe his sword and rapidly he turns into stone. Another ray, hits Andy and the gnome bard falls asleep instantly. Out of the darkness comes floating in the air, the beast of the depths of the earth. His great central eye, meets Belnan’s gaze and the dwarf run away in fear, screaming. The beholder, unleash more rays against the companions. Harry uses his arcane power to counter the effects of the eye beams, Ethan constrains the beast while Quinn, Olo and Simone pierce and slash its flesh. The wild fight ends with Thornalf pushing his magic great sword into the Eye Of The Beholder, killing the creature once and for all. The halfing uncovers a small pyramid like stone, with a hole in front of it. Quickly he puts Flynt’s key in and opens the lock. On the wall in front of him, lines of light create the outline of a celestial arch, and the portrait of god Helm, underneath it. Then the door slowly opens and the cavern fills with sunlight. Some of them finds it regenerating and some feel like they are suffocating. Behind the door, in a stand there is a golden tome with angel wings carved on it.

Oh! The book of Exalted Deeds!”, says harry, and takes the book.

The door is closing, while the whole place starts shaking. The companions grab the sleeping gnome and the petrified elf and run the hell out of that place before the ground falls on their heads.

Harry Westra (Wiz7) + 6500 39000 / 34000Flynts gold, 10 books, Magic Box,Book Of Exalted Deeds, Color MashroumsINSPIRATION GAINED!LEVEL UP!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr8)+ 650045500 / 48000Flynts gold,Eye Of The BeholderINSPIRATION GAINED!
Olo Quickskin (Rog8) + 650045500 / 48000Flynts gold,Flynts Equipment, Masterwork Map Of The Sword Coast INSPIRATION GAINED!
Quinn (Rog8)+ 650040500 / 48000Flynts gold,Boots Of Speed,Vicious ShortswordINSPIRATION GAINED!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd1)+ 650036500 / 34000Flynts gold, Beads Of Force box, Cape Of MountainbackINSPIRATION GAINED!LEVEL UP!
Session 31 : Lake In The Mist
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 23, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Treasure Island, Sea Of Swords

In front of the campfire, at the Netheriz Stones of the treasure island, the castaways share their stories, while Ethan Vrammyr, uses his druidic tome to communicate with the druid Carlin Crowveil through Thornalfs crow, Feathers, in order to complete his initiation in the druidic ways.

My big brother Rude Bloodingont, died fighting a Pit Fiend. My father killed a drow matron mother before he falls. I will be the one to cut of the head of that Ork-King Hartusk ! You are welcome to follow me on this path of glory comrades!”, states Belnan with eyes burning with ambition.

Oh! Of course we will, darling! It’s my opportunity to sing about the stories, that will become legend. And everyone will know the name of the bard who . . . I mean the names of the heroes who accomplished them”, says Andy and then tries to think of a name for his new epic tale.

“We are traveling to the North, to the City Of Icewind Dale. The goddess appeared to me and spoke these words

  • In the quasi forest, time stands still
    Six leaves asleep, till the moon appears.

    The biter lover, the yellow rose.
    The shadovar, the twisted thorn.
    The arch nemesis, the hunters soul.

    Six leaves are sleeping, while darkness falls.
    In the quasi forest, my child, wake them all.

This is Mieliki’s Calling and we will answer it. The fate of the world depends on it. Until then we will join you and repay you any way we can, noble ones.", says the elf lady.

The morning comes and the companions, continue their hunt for the treasure. Their map, leads them to a misty lake. It seems there is no way around it and crossing it is the only option. Olo, uses his gem of true sight and spots a lady in the water, staring at them. The woman seems to be some kind of mermaid. Andy the bard recognizes the creature as a merfolk. The lady says that there is a hidden path that cross through the lake, that humans used to reach the temple in the middle of the lake, the old times. She say that the mist comes from the ruined temple and sickens her kin. The companions agree to investigate that place and help the lake inhabitants. They follow the merfolk and reach the old Netheriz ruins on the little island in the middle of the lake. As they descent into the misty halls they find remnants of the faith to Anaumator, the old God of light. There are still chants carved on the wall, that Andy reads aloud.

  • Hymn To The Morning Sun

    I made my songs ribbons of fire,
    fiery aspects of the morning mirror.
    Sing prayers to the Lord,
    he who rages above,
    and keeps the eternal Dawn.
    Rejoice int the first light of our soul,
    when skin of eternity ceribe,
    the birth of the Dawn.

    Hymn To The High Sun

    Hollowed is your prayer
    and glorious and solid is your being,
    in the highest of our moments.
    Take your sons to the kill,
    at the high peak of our joy.
    When the fire of ages envelopes our being
    and defeats the darkness.
    Swim in the Law of our Father
    and bathe in the glory of the day,
    in the moment of His majesty.

    Hymn To The Last Sun

    Sing and resite the verses
    of parting, my children,
    at the moment of the days rest.
    Welcome the shade and
    thunder your faith,
    not as a Shade but
    as a Keeper of Light.

Most of the halls are blocked by rocks and the hole place seems to be sinking. They reach in a place Where a wooden statue of a Phoenix, stands behind a shrine with the Light Gods symbol.In front of the shrine lies the skeletal body of a pilgrim holding an old book. Suddenly, an invisible force slams the companions. Olo sees the true form of the shade beast, through his magic gem. The halfling instructs Harry to use the magic mirror and they enter into the shadow plane side of ruined temple. There they lure the shade into its home plane, and they attack with everything they’ve got, until the beast drops dead. From the temple wall in the shadow plane, Olo takes the portrait of someone named Telamont Tanthul. Thornalf finds the opportunity to read again the seven shadow pages from his book and realizes that these are the memories of a wizard called Elminister. It cape seems that someone infiltrated his mind and tried to extract information about places, items and names. They return to the material world and they read the journal, the pilgrim was holding. It’s title is “Zan Claude’s : Memories Of Thentalial De Mark”. A note drops from the journal, that writes

  • Vadamiel’s Helmet (Waterdeep, Thentalial’s Temple)
    Cape of the Phoenix (Tarask Island, Varagon’s Temple)
    Fullplate of the Dragon (Lurkwood, Timekeeper’s Tower)
    Raziel’s sword (High Forest, Ancient Grove)

Harry detects magic from the wooden statue and they decide that fire might reveal its secrets. They burn the wooden Phoenix and the ashes and flames transform swiftly into a iris cape with the symbol of the Phoenix. Just before they leave, Olo secretly grabs a stone finger amulet from the dead pilgrim while Andy Bernard is thinking out loud,

So according to these notes, since we found the Cape Of The Phoenix here, that means this must be . . . the Tarask island, right?

Session 30 : Treasure Island
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 22, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Uncharted Waters, Sea Of Swords

The Anarchy and The Blackjack enter the exotic bay, of the treasure island. A shipwreck lays on the sand. The broken vessel carries the name “North Star”. The company investigates the ship and they find out that sea monsters attacked and killed the passengers about a ten day ago. Harry, retrieves the captains log and reads the last entry.

  • Ches 12, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
    Lost Island, Sea Of Swords

    . . .Something huge hit the side of the ship. I hope we will reach the shore before we shink in these cold waters . . .

    The sea monsters are coming. I hear their deep voices. They are screaming, no, they’re chanting. “Shekola, Shekola, Shekola”, is what they are saying. Oh, Selune may help us all . . .

Jimmy Bear with the sailors stay behind guarding the ships, as Simone, with the rest of the company, enter the jungle following the trails on Olo’s treasure map. They come across some old ruins, that Harry recognizes as remnants of the ancient Netheriz. The wizard finds a gold ring half buried in the dirt, while Ethan in his patrol, spots a bunch of lizard like creatures attacking an elf castaway. Without second thoughts Harry and Thornalf charge against the Lizardfolk and Quinn with Olo, Ethan and Simone shoot their deadly arrows and bolts, from the trees. One Lizardfolk, that lost his foot in the battle is taken prisoner and the elf offers his gratitude. Ethan who apparently speaks the Elven language, learns the castaways story.

My name is Elnan Avianis. I am the guardian of Celine Moonchild, in her sacred mission to answer the calling of Mieliki. Whe where traveling on board the North Star, towards Icewind Dale. But pirates made us head off our course. In the uncharted waters sea monsters attacked us and we wrecked on this island. Those of us who survived, found refuge in the jungle. A few days ago, when I was hunting, the Lizardfolk, attacked my companions, killed some and took others as prisoners. Thank you for help, but I wont rest until I find lady Celine.

Harry uses his arcane art to comprehend the language of the Lizardfolk. He intimidates the creature, so it will lead them to the camp where the rest castaways are kept. At night, The company reaches the Lizardfolk village and they spy upon it, from distance. Quinn and Olo are sneaking towards the cages and the rest burge into the village to create distraction. The Lizardmen make their stand in front of the dwarf, the wizard and the elf, while the Lizardfolk Shaman is asking who they are and what do they want. Simone and Ethan are hidden in the trees with their fingers on their crossbows. Olo uses a magic card from his deck of illusions, giving Quinn the opporunity to free the three prisoners. A readhaired dawrf named Belnan Bloodingot, Andy Bernard the big headed gnome and the beautiful elf lady Celine, follow Quinn to the jungle. In a few moments, the guards are screaming and the Shaman orders their warriors to kill the tresspassers. The company with the castaways join Harry and Thornalf and they engage a bloody fight with the creatures. The fight lasts until the shaman is killed. Then the wild beasts drop their weapons and move towards their chieftain dissorganized. The companions spare their lives and head back to the netheriz ruins with the castaways of the “North Star”.

Session 29 : Sails Of Anarchy
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 17, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Swordcoast, Sea Of Swords

Jimmy Bear welcomes his old fellas and explains how he became quartermaster of the Anarchy. He said that the remaining Rethnors under Captain Redbeard commands, turned to piracy. He had shore that he would never g back to that life again so he abandoned them. He met Simone accidentally in the forest and he shared his story. He offered her information for pirate routes and she took him in. Together they attacked one pirate ship and they filled the storage of Anarchy with plunder.

Hunting pirates is not piracy. On the contrary, we gain some favor with Lords Alliance and get awfully rich at the same time. That’s good business.”, explains Simone.

The company finally agrees with the Captainess and they reveal to her that they have another key that completes that one she already possesses. The time for the hunt of Captain Flynt’s Treasure has come! At the break of dawn the Anarchy set sails towards the uncharted waters, following Olo’s magic treasure map. On the third day of their voyage, Haram from the watch post yells

Sails! The Rethnor’s are coming!

We cannot outrun them! We will stay and fight. Goby, turn this beauty on my mark!”, commands Simone drawing her rapier.

After a while the pirate ship sides the Anarchy and the pirates invade, with hanging ropes and wooden planks. Captain Redbeard duels with Simone, Harry grabs a plank and twirls it, dropping pirates to the sharks, Thornalf hacks and slashes his way to the enemy ship, while Olo intrudes the pirate hold and unchain a cannon creating mayhem. Everybody hold their breath for a moment when Ethan falls from the watch post forty feet above the deck. Fortunately the ropes keep him hanging and safe for a while, until he falls again on pirate, gaining some bruises. Quinn, flanks the enemy captain, weights his sword and stabs him in the jugular. The remaining Rethnors surrender and Simone orders to chain them in front of the mast. The companions decide to keep both ships and let the seven prisoners serve as crew. Jimmy Bear takes the role of the captain of the newly acquired cog. The Blackjack, as they named it and the Anarchy continue their journey to the hidden island, on the hunt for Captain Flynt’s legendary treasure.

Session 28 : Blood & Sand
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 16, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan Market, The Arena

This is a very bad idea! Not only will we be exposed, with no way to escape, but we will risk our lives, hoping those filthy Dragonbloods will keep their end of the deal. I’m not doing this and I hope you withdraw from that deal, immediately. . .

Quinn expresses his disagreement, although his companions see no other way of retrieving the piece of the key that will give them a chance against Adramelech. Harry and Olo bet almost all their money on their side, on the tomorrow fight, thinking that if they survive they’ll get rich, if not, then, they won’t mind. The next day Quinn and Ethan follow the hundred of people to the Arena of Luskan and they enter as audience. If things go south, at least they can create some distraction or help their friends any way they can, from that position. The Arena after the latest modifications from the Brotherhood of the Arcane, is a lot different that they remembered. Its bigger and heavily guarded by the Luskan peace keepers. On top of six high pillars, mages from the Brotherhood, stand, weaving a impenetrable dome between the arena and the audience. A fat man, like a grim joker, narrates the story behind the fore-coming duel. In the deep halls underneath the arena, Thornalf, Harry and Olo, prepare with the other three Dragonblood gladiators, for the fight. They refuse to cover their faces and when the time comes they walk through the corridor. The gate opens. They enter the stadium. The hot sand is altered, creating the illusion of the Thayan steppe. On the other side the door, the chains are pulled and the door lifts. A roar echoes from the dark hall. A young red dragon charges towards the Dragonblood gladiators. The beast ravages its opponents, with teeth and claws. Olo hides from stone to stone, repeatedly piercing through the beast’s right wing, with his poisoned bolts. Thornalf flanks the dragon, slashing its side with his magic blade. Harry, enlarges him self and grapples the dragon by its mouth. The dragon breaths fire and the wizard rolls over its head and punch through its skull with his vampiric touch. The Dragon lies bleeding and the three of them are glorified by the crowd. Quickly they leave as Dragonblood soldiers remove the dead dragon from the arena. Akira Shinighami through his snake familiar, gives the other half of the key to them and sends them to their way. Olo cashes out the bet earnings and puts them inside the bag of holding. They reunite with Quinn and Ethan and head towards the Thunderstone monastery. On their way, a white pigeon lands on Thornalf’s shoulder. It carries a note that writes,

  • “What is first white,
    and then red?
    If you find my secret,
    It’ll be my end!”

Oh no, I can’t do it! Not the little bird!”, sais Thornalf, worried.

What are you talking about? That’s great! Today’s menu . . .Pigeonsoup!”, cries Olo, happily, and stabs the bird in the belly.

They retrieve out of it the real letter, from Simone, saying that she followed a lead and hunted some pirates. She gained some loot and some minor damages. The companions, hastily, leave the city, from the secret sewer exit, Quinn recently discovered and head to Crabshore. At night, they are taking the boat and sail towards the cave where their ship is anchored. As they are getting close they see their old fella, Jimmy Bear with some Rethnor lads, ordering around the crew of the Anarchy.


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