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Session 31 : Lake In The Mist
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 23, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Treasure Island, Sea Of Swords

In front of the campfire, at the Netheriz Stones of the treasure island, the castaways share their stories, while Ethan Vrammyr, uses his druidic tome to communicate with the druid Carlin Crowveil through Thornalfs crow, Feathers, in order to complete his initiation in the druidic ways.

My big brother Rude Bloodingont, died fighting a Pit Fiend. My father killed a drow matron mother before he falls. I will be the one to cut of the head of that Ork-King Hartusk ! You are welcome to follow me on this path of glory comrades!”, states Belnan with eyes burning with ambition.

Oh! Of course we will, darling! It’s my opportunity to sing about the stories, that will become legend. And everyone will know the name of the bard who . . . I mean the names of the heroes who accomplished them”, says Andy and then tries to think of a name for his new epic tale.

“We are traveling to the North, to the City Of Icewind Dale. The goddess appeared to me and spoke these words

  • In the quasi forest, time stands still
    Six leaves asleep, till the moon appears.

    The biter lover, the yellow rose.
    The shadovar, the twisted thorn.
    The arch nemesis, the hunters soul.

    Six leaves are sleeping, while darkness falls.
    In the quasi forest, my child, wake them all.

This is Mieliki’s Calling and we will answer it. The fate of the world depends on it. Until then we will join you and repay you any way we can, noble ones.", says the elf lady.

The morning comes and the companions, continue their hunt for the treasure. Their map, leads them to a misty lake. It seems there is no way around it and crossing it is the only option. Olo, uses his gem of true sight and spots a lady in the water, staring at them. The woman seems to be some kind of mermaid. Andy the bard recognizes the creature as a merfolk. The lady says that there is a hidden path that cross through the lake, that humans used to reach the temple in the middle of the lake, the old times. She say that the mist comes from the ruined temple and sickens her kin. The companions agree to investigate that place and help the lake inhabitants. They follow the merfolk and reach the old Netheriz ruins on the little island in the middle of the lake. As they descent into the misty halls they find remnants of the faith to Anaumator, the old God of light. There are still chants carved on the wall, that Andy reads aloud.

  • Hymn To The Morning Sun

    I made my songs ribbons of fire,
    fiery aspects of the morning mirror.
    Sing prayers to the Lord,
    he who rages above,
    and keeps the eternal Dawn.
    Rejoice int the first light of our soul,
    when skin of eternity ceribe,
    the birth of the Dawn.

    Hymn To The High Sun

    Hollowed is your prayer
    and glorious and solid is your being,
    in the highest of our moments.
    Take your sons to the kill,
    at the high peak of our joy.
    When the fire of ages envelopes our being
    and defeats the darkness.
    Swim in the Law of our Father
    and bathe in the glory of the day,
    in the moment of His majesty.

    Hymn To The Last Sun

    Sing and resite the verses
    of parting, my children,
    at the moment of the days rest.
    Welcome the shade and
    thunder your faith,
    not as a Shade but
    as a Keeper of Light.

Most of the halls are blocked by rocks and the hole place seems to be sinking. They reach in a place Where a wooden statue of a Phoenix, stands behind a shrine with the Light Gods symbol.In front of the shrine lies the skeletal body of a pilgrim holding an old book. Suddenly, an invisible force slams the companions. Olo sees the true form of the shade beast, through his magic gem. The halfling instructs Harry to use the magic mirror and they enter into the shadow plane side of ruined temple. There they lure the shade into its home plane, and they attack with everything they’ve got, until the beast drops dead. From the temple wall in the shadow plane, Olo takes the portrait of someone named Telamont Tanthul. Thornalf finds the opportunity to read again the seven shadow pages from his book and realizes that these are the memories of a wizard called Elminister. It cape seems that someone infiltrated his mind and tried to extract information about places, items and names. They return to the material world and they read the journal, the pilgrim was holding. It’s title is “Zan Claude’s : Memories Of Thentalial De Mark”. A note drops from the journal, that writes

  • Vadamiel’s Helmet (Waterdeep, Thentalial’s Temple)
    Cape of the Phoenix (Tarask Island, Varagon’s Temple)
    Fullplate of the Dragon (Lurkwood, Timekeeper’s Tower)
    Raziel’s sword (High Forest, Ancient Grove)

Harry detects magic from the wooden statue and they decide that fire might reveal its secrets. They burn the wooden Phoenix and the ashes and flames transform swiftly into a iris cape with the symbol of the Phoenix. Just before they leave, Olo secretly grabs a stone finger amulet from the dead pilgrim while Andy Bernard is thinking out loud,

So according to these notes, since we found the Cape Of The Phoenix here, that means this must be . . . the Tarask island, right?

Session 30 : Treasure Island
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 22, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Uncharted Waters, Sea Of Swords

The Anarchy and The Blackjack enter the exotic bay, of the treasure island. A shipwreck lays on the sand. The broken vessel carries the name “North Star”. The company investigates the ship and they find out that sea monsters attacked and killed the passengers about a ten day ago. Harry, retrieves the captains log and reads the last entry.

  • Ches 12, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
    Lost Island, Sea Of Swords

    . . .Something huge hit the side of the ship. I hope we will reach the shore before we shink in these cold waters . . .

    The sea monsters are coming. I hear their deep voices. They are screaming, no, they’re chanting. “Shekola, Shekola, Shekola”, is what they are saying. Oh, Selune may help us all . . .

Jimmy Bear with the sailors stay behind guarding the ships, as Simone, with the rest of the company, enter the jungle following the trails on Olo’s treasure map. They come across some old ruins, that Harry recognizes as remnants of the ancient Netheriz. The wizard finds a gold ring half buried in the dirt, while Ethan in his patrol, spots a bunch of lizard like creatures attacking an elf castaway. Without second thoughts Harry and Thornalf charge against the Lizardfolk and Quinn with Olo, Ethan and Simone shoot their deadly arrows and bolts, from the trees. One Lizardfolk, that lost his foot in the battle is taken prisoner and the elf offers his gratitude. Ethan who apparently speaks the Elven language, learns the castaways story.

My name is Elnan Avianis. I am the guardian of Celine Moonchild, in her sacred mission to answer the calling of Mieliki. Whe where traveling on board the North Star, towards Icewind Dale. But pirates made us head off our course. In the uncharted waters sea monsters attacked us and we wrecked on this island. Those of us who survived, found refuge in the jungle. A few days ago, when I was hunting, the Lizardfolk, attacked my companions, killed some and took others as prisoners. Thank you for help, but I wont rest until I find lady Celine.

Harry uses his arcane art to comprehend the language of the Lizardfolk. He intimidates the creature, so it will lead them to the camp where the rest castaways are kept. At night, The company reaches the Lizardfolk village and they spy upon it, from distance. Quinn and Olo are sneaking towards the cages and the rest burge into the village to create distraction. The Lizardmen make their stand in front of the dwarf, the wizard and the elf, while the Lizardfolk Shaman is asking who they are and what do they want. Simone and Ethan are hidden in the trees with their fingers on their crossbows. Olo uses a magic card from his deck of illusions, giving Quinn the opporunity to free the three prisoners. A readhaired dawrf named Belnan Bloodingot, Andy Bernard the big headed gnome and the beautiful elf lady Celine, follow Quinn to the jungle. In a few moments, the guards are screaming and the Shaman orders their warriors to kill the tresspassers. The company with the castaways join Harry and Thornalf and they engage a bloody fight with the creatures. The fight lasts until the shaman is killed. Then the wild beasts drop their weapons and move towards their chieftain dissorganized. The companions spare their lives and head back to the netheriz ruins with the castaways of the “North Star”.

Session 29 : Sails Of Anarchy
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 17, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Swordcoast, Sea Of Swords

Jimmy Bear welcomes his old fellas and explains how he became quartermaster of the Anarchy. He said that the remaining Rethnors under Captain Redbeard commands, turned to piracy. He had shore that he would never g back to that life again so he abandoned them. He met Simone accidentally in the forest and he shared his story. He offered her information for pirate routes and she took him in. Together they attacked one pirate ship and they filled the storage of Anarchy with plunder.

Hunting pirates is not piracy. On the contrary, we gain some favor with Lords Alliance and get awfully rich at the same time. That’s good business.”, explains Simone.

The company finally agrees with the Captainess and they reveal to her that they have another key that completes that one she already possesses. The time for the hunt of Captain Flynt’s Treasure has come! At the break of dawn the Anarchy set sails towards the uncharted waters, following Olo’s magic treasure map. On the third day of their voyage, Haram from the watch post yells

Sails! The Rethnor’s are coming!

We cannot outrun them! We will stay and fight. Goby, turn this beauty on my mark!”, commands Simone drawing her rapier.

After a while the pirate ship sides the Anarchy and the pirates invade, with hanging ropes and wooden planks. Captain Redbeard duels with Simone, Harry grabs a plank and twirls it, dropping pirates to the sharks, Thornalf hacks and slashes his way to the enemy ship, while Olo intrudes the pirate hold and unchain a cannon creating mayhem. Everybody hold their breath for a moment when Ethan falls from the watch post forty feet above the deck. Fortunately the ropes keep him hanging and safe for a while, until he falls again on pirate, gaining some bruises. Quinn, flanks the enemy captain, weights his sword and stabs him in the jugular. The remaining Rethnors surrender and Simone orders to chain them in front of the mast. The companions decide to keep both ships and let the seven prisoners serve as crew. Jimmy Bear takes the role of the captain of the newly acquired cog. The Blackjack, as they named it and the Anarchy continue their journey to the hidden island, on the hunt for Captain Flynt’s legendary treasure.

Session 28 : Blood & Sand
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 16, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan Market, The Arena

This is a very bad idea! Not only will we be exposed, with no way to escape, but we will risk our lives, hoping those filthy Dragonbloods will keep their end of the deal. I’m not doing this and I hope you withdraw from that deal, immediately. . .

Quinn expresses his disagreement, although his companions see no other way of retrieving the piece of the key that will give them a chance against Adramelech. Harry and Olo bet almost all their money on their side, on the tomorrow fight, thinking that if they survive they’ll get rich, if not, then, they won’t mind. The next day Quinn and Ethan follow the hundred of people to the Arena of Luskan and they enter as audience. If things go south, at least they can create some distraction or help their friends any way they can, from that position. The Arena after the latest modifications from the Brotherhood of the Arcane, is a lot different that they remembered. Its bigger and heavily guarded by the Luskan peace keepers. On top of six high pillars, mages from the Brotherhood, stand, weaving a impenetrable dome between the arena and the audience. A fat man, like a grim joker, narrates the story behind the fore-coming duel. In the deep halls underneath the arena, Thornalf, Harry and Olo, prepare with the other three Dragonblood gladiators, for the fight. They refuse to cover their faces and when the time comes they walk through the corridor. The gate opens. They enter the stadium. The hot sand is altered, creating the illusion of the Thayan steppe. On the other side the door, the chains are pulled and the door lifts. A roar echoes from the dark hall. A young red dragon charges towards the Dragonblood gladiators. The beast ravages its opponents, with teeth and claws. Olo hides from stone to stone, repeatedly piercing through the beast’s right wing, with his poisoned bolts. Thornalf flanks the dragon, slashing its side with his magic blade. Harry, enlarges him self and grapples the dragon by its mouth. The dragon breaths fire and the wizard rolls over its head and punch through its skull with his vampiric touch. The Dragon lies bleeding and the three of them are glorified by the crowd. Quickly they leave as Dragonblood soldiers remove the dead dragon from the arena. Akira Shinighami through his snake familiar, gives the other half of the key to them and sends them to their way. Olo cashes out the bet earnings and puts them inside the bag of holding. They reunite with Quinn and Ethan and head towards the Thunderstone monastery. On their way, a white pigeon lands on Thornalf’s shoulder. It carries a note that writes,

  • “What is first white,
    and then red?
    If you find my secret,
    It’ll be my end!”

Oh no, I can’t do it! Not the little bird!”, sais Thornalf, worried.

What are you talking about? That’s great! Today’s menu . . .Pigeonsoup!”, cries Olo, happily, and stabs the bird in the belly.

They retrieve out of it the real letter, from Simone, saying that she followed a lead and hunted some pirates. She gained some loot and some minor damages. The companions, hastily, leave the city, from the secret sewer exit, Quinn recently discovered and head to Crabshore. At night, they are taking the boat and sail towards the cave where their ship is anchored. As they are getting close they see their old fella, Jimmy Bear with some Rethnor lads, ordering around the crew of the Anarchy.



They will soon open them… I can smell the blood mixed with sweat, sand and aged leather.

Behind and within my eyes, other eyes stare forward. The eyes of broken children. The eyes of the innocent slain. I can feel their chains clutching my heart, weighing on my shoulders. With my hand I grasp my blade. But their hands are the ones who keep it sharp. The Thunder itself roars inside my skull. Crackling and smashing through my clouded vision. It is Lord Marthammon Duin himself who forged those chains. A prayer to him for each downed foe. Beside me are my comrades. Clear and Powerful like the sky lit by white Lightning. Woe and terror to the enemies of Thornalf! I see them opening now, I can hear the lustful crowd.

Let them now hear the battlecry of Ulfgar and tremble! For the hour of revenge is near. Remember this day for it is the day that the glory of the Thunder God shall shower the filth of Luskan away.

Session 27 : The Last Baram
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 15, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, Thunderstone Monastery

A ten-day has passed since the Thunderstone Monastery massacre. The City Of Sails is changing. The wall breach, on Cliffside Cranny is repaired and a tactical army is assembled. Many warships return to Luskan, now that the election of the High Captain is near. The blockade of Mirabar District has ended and the Taerls control that district now that the Barams are completely destroyed. Two bounties are hanging in the Carnival Court’s board. One for the head of Dominic Underwood and one for the Last Baram alive.

Barry Westra, who believes staying in this city is plain suicide, leaves without revealing his destination. His brother Harry, seeks knowledge on demons and devils, trying to find some way to defeat Adramelech. He learns about the Blood Wars and the eternal conflict of the Abyss with Baator. He discovers that such creatures cannot be destroyed when in the material world, they can only be banished to their home plane, with the use of powerful sacred artifacts. Harry also investigates the Soulgem, where the Paladin of The Phoenix is trapped. It seems to be some kind of extraplanar prison, but he needs the power of a circle of spellcasters to help him enter. Thornalf, hears that there seems to be a sect from the Cult Of The Dragon, hidden in the city. He wishes to go to Druid Carlin and the Barbarians, but the North Gate is heavily guarded and word is that an undead force blocks the northern road. Quinn, communicates with Lords Alliance, trough the magic sphere. They are gathering their forces for invasion. Dominic will lay low for a while, but before he disappears he asks from his fellow Harper to meet with the Last Of Baram and hear him out. He has an interesting story to tell. Olo follows the marks on Marillia’s notes and recovers the rest of her treasure. He ends up with some gold, a poison dagger and a platinum ring with the name Garoth, on it. The halfing accompanies Harry Westra to his meeting with a member of the Arcane Brotherhood, at the Seven Sails Inn. Her name is Thalia Volaris and seems quite friendly to Harry. She is quite interested for the diabolic page, but the young wizard is not willing to give it away. Before they leave, the woman say that if Harry wants to be a Brother Of The Arcane, he must first prove himself and shows him an arcane mark, to create outside of his store if he wants to summon her again.

In an empty warehouse, behind Luskan’s main water tower, Quinn and Thornalf, meet with the last of the Barams, Ethan Vrammyr. The ranger explains what he witnessed in the Anderlech farm, where his companions merged with the undead army of a horrifying Banshee. She let him leave demanding to bring the last descendant of Do’Haldir in front of her, or else she will spread death across the North. Ethan learned about her tragic story :

  • Before The Spellplague, Lord Soth with his elf lady, visited Luskan. An ambitious young wizard, Dickon Frost, with the help of a mercenary named Rothgar Do’Haldir, plotted to steal a powerful artifact from the Lord. Rothgar offered his service as a sellsword to the Lord and Dickon used magic to manipulate the elf lady to fall in love with him and grand him access to the precious artifact. But the wizard, begun to have feelings for the lady and he canceled everything the last moment. Rothgar, furious, informed Lord Soth about Dickon’s plans. The Lord ordered Rothgar to bring his wife in a clearing north of the city, to execute her.

    When Dickon heard it, he went to rescue her. The wizard and the Lord dueled and the both died, but this was not the end. Even after their death their spirits continued to fight in that place. Rothgar slit the woman’s throat and fled to the city. The rage of the elf lady, held her spirit in the place of her murder, transforming her into a Bansee, seeking for revenge. Their undead aura expanded spreading decay across the land.

    A cleric of Kelemvor with his paladins appeared and put an end to this blasphemy. He trapped the undead souls into three gems and buried them with the bodies in the place of their death. But in order to imprison them he sacrificed himself and his warriors, becoming their undying guards. A shrine of Kelemvor, was build on top of the tomb sealing that sleeping undead force for decades.

Quinn, Thornalf and Ethan join Harry and Olo, on their way to the monastery. Out of the dark alley and from the rooftops a group of bounty hunters surround them, demanding the bounty for the head of the Last Baram. Harry casts an invisibility spell ον Ethan and the companions create confusion on their enemies, talking their way out of it, leaving them troubled. At midnight, in the lower cellars of the Cutlass, Mike The Coin has arranged a meeting with the Dragonbloods. The wizard, the dwarf and the halfling, stand in front of the Dragonblood warriors, while Quin and Ethan watch around the inn to prepare against an ambush. A snake slides on the shoulder of a Dragonblood, and it seems that someone else suddenly control his body. This “someone” is Akira Shinighami. He reveals he is a brother o Yamamoto and that together they battled many devils in the past. He say that in order to banish Adramelech they will need the Book Of Exalted Deeds, that lays in the legendary treasure of Captain Flynt. Olo haw the map and Simone half of Flynt’s key. The other half is in the possession of Shinighami and he is willing to exchange it for little favor. They have to fight as champions of the Dragonbloods, against the champion of The Arcane Brotherhood in the Arena, tomorrow. . .

Session 26 : The Burden Of Redemtion
Act II - The Darkening


Ches 5, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, Thunderstone Monastery

In the dark corners, of Thunderstone Monastery , the undead Luskanites, are rising. A bloody cradle on the wall burns, the stones break, an instant gate to Baator opens and a three feet tall, chained devil comes through to this world. The companions destroy the undead and send the devil back to were it belongs. The last stroke falls from the dwarfs magic blade, and as the creature dissolves into ashes, a single page appears on the edge of the sword, with the word “Kyton”, written on it. Suddenly time stops. A light appears on the forehead of the dwarven-god statue and a divine voice carves the words directly into their minds.

“This desecration must not go unpunished. The souls of the young, sails towards the kingdom of Asmodeus. But you Ulfgar, my son, will become their anchor. Only when their killer is destroyed they will be free. This is your burden and atonement.”

Faint auras from the bodies of the children, circle Thornalf an are embedded into his tattoos. At the same time, about twenty of the dead commoners, come back to life and they open their eyes like they just woke from a nightmare. As the divine light fades away, a last command is heard,

“Seek for Akira Shinighami . . .”

The companions burn the dead and offer their help to the resurrected. Unfortunately no one knows who this Shinighami is. Priestess Dammara, believes that the wisdom of druid Carlin might come in handy, thought he is currently with the barbarians in the northern villages. Harry, identifies that thiw magic page can be used in a ritual of summoning, a “Kyton” devil from hell. Barry, finds out about Adramelech. Apparently, this devil is the right hand of the prince of Baator and is called reaper of the innocent souls and record keeper of hell. The shady cleric advises everyone that enough is enough and its time to leave this shit of a city, but he is not taken in consideration. Quinn leads the company to the circle of death he encountered in that alley, in search of information. In that place, Olo under the pressure of his guilds, he has a breakdown and reveals the story of the blooded book, saying,

“I did this! Forgive me! My blood caused everything . . . It’s all my fault!”

Thornalf, who knows how good intentions sometimes can lead to destructive outcome, wraps his hands around the halfing’s shoulders, looks in his sad eyes, and say,

“No, little one. You have a good heart! The blame is on that filthy devil. We will get through this. All of us . . . together.”

Session 25 : Children Of The Sea
Act II : The Darkening


Ches 4, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, Dragonbeach Port

Από το βάθος της σπηλιάς ακούγονται ψαλμωδίες στην σκοτεινή γλώσσα. Μπροστά από τα σκοτεινά νερά, στο ύψωμα ενώς κοφτερού βράχου είναι δεμένη η ιέρεια Damara και μιά κουκουλοφορεμένη πανύψηλη φιγούρα, πίσω της κάνει μιά επίκληση. Από κάτω δεκάδες πιστοί ενώνουν τις φωνές τους στην τελετή της θυσίας. Ο Harry κάνει τον Quinn αόρατο με μια γητειά και ο assasin κινείται αθόρυβα προσπερνώντας τους αντιπάλους του, προς την ιέρεια. Την κάτάλληλη στιγμή, μετα δαχτυλίδια τηλεπάθειας του Harry δίνει εντολή στους συντρόφους του να κάνουν αντιπερισπασμό. O νάνος μαχητής ουρλιάζοντας στριφογυρίζει το σπαθί του, ο Harry μεγενθύνεται και ορμάει σαν γίγαντας, ο Olo και ο Barry επιτίθενται μέσα από τις σκιές και οι κουκούλα του εχθρού πέφτει, αποκαλύπτωντας τα Yuan Ti. Όσο οι ήρωες πολεμάνε με τα ερπετά, ο Quinν απελευθερώνει την ιέρεια, αλλά εγκλωβίζεται ανάμεσα στα μιάσματα και στο γιγάντιο ερπετό που έχει την μορφή του Yuan Ti που αφήσαν ζωντανό, στο Plague Island. O Quinn αρπάζει την ιέρεια, πηδάνε στα μαυρα νερά και ξεφέυγουν . Η σκληρή μάχη τελειώνει με τα ερπετά να κείτονται νεκρά και τους ήρωες εξουθενωμένους. Ο Thornalf, έχει μιά πολύ παράξενη σίσθηση ότι κάτι συμβαίνει πίσω στο μοναστήρι. Οι σύντροφοι κατευθύνονται γρήγορα προς τα εκεί και αντικρύζουν το αποτρόπαιο θέαμα. Όλοι κείτωνται μέσα στα αίματα και στο κέντρο είναι στιβαγμένα τα νεκρά χλωμά κορμιά των παιδιών. Στους τοίχους υπάρχουν ματωμένες παλάμες και γραμμένο το όνομα “Adramelech”. Μέσα από τα κορμιά, ο τραυματισμένος Yamamoto, πλησιάζει και σακρύζοντας λέει τι συνέβη.

Ενας γέρος εμφανίστηκε στην πόρτα μας, ζητώντας βοήθεια. Ισχυρίστηκε ότι ανήκει στο ποίμνιο της Tymora. Σε κάποιους φάνηκε γνωστός και του δώσαμε καταφύγιο. Μετά από λίγο, η φωτιά μας έσβησε και παγωνιά πλώθηκε. Οι δαυλοί μας υποχώρησαν στην σκοτεινιά που απλώθηκε. Οι διαβολικές λέξεις που βγήκαν από το στόμα του τρυπήσαν τα μυαλά μας. Προσπάθησα να σώσω τα παιδιά, όμως δεν μπορούσα να τον πλησιάσω…διέσχιζε το δωμάτιο και με κάθε παιδί που σκότωνε επαναλάμβανε ξανά και ξανά “Your humble servant, offer’s you this gift, my Lord Asmodeus.” Όταν έπεσε νεκρό και το τελευταίο πλασματάκι, άντρες και γυνναίκες λυσσασμένοι κατασπάραξαν τις σάρκες των άλλων. Κάποιοι αντιστάθηκαν και πολέμησαν μαζί μου. Λυπάμαι που δεν τους έσωσα! Είμαι αιώνια καταδικασμένος!

Ο μοναχός, υπό το βάρος των τύψεων του, βγάζει την katana του και δίνει τέλος στην ζωή του. Από τις σκιές ακούγωνται οι βαριές ανάσες και βασανισμένες βραχνες φωνές των Ghouls που πλησιάζουν . . .

Session 24 : Lips Of Lust
Act II : The Darkening


Ches 4, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, The Cutlass

O Quinn και ο Barry, προσπερνούν τους φύλακες και εισέρχονται στο κελλάρι του Cutlass. Στα υπόγεια, σε μία υγρή αίθουσα, από την πισίνα αναδύεται η Orelei, με μορφή που αλλάζει και εμφανίζει ο πραγματικό της πρόσωπο. Η succubus αποκαλύπτεται και οι άνθρωποι που έχουν πιαστεί στην γητειά της, επιτίθενται στου δύο συντρόφους. Μαζί με την βοήθεια του Harry που σπάει τα δεσμά του, νικάνε τον δαίμωνα και απελευθερώνουν το πανδοχείο από την επιροή της.

Όμως όσο περνάει η ώρα, το τέλος της Damara πλησιάζει!

Ο Thornalf και ο Olo επιβιβάζονται στο Anarchy και μαθαίνουν ότι οι δύο Goliath, έφυγαν προς τους βαρβάρους που έχουν στρατοπεδεύσει βόρεια της πόλης. Η Simone οδηγεί το πλοίο ώς το Dragonbeach port, όπου η συντροφιά συναντιέται. Ο Olo καταφέρνει να κερδίσει λίγο χρόνο από τους Kurth που φυλάνε το λιμάνι και οι ήρωες σχεδιάζουν την διάσωση της ιέρειας. Μετά από λίγο, οι πέντε τους, βρίσκονται στην είσοδο του σπηλαίου και εξοντώνουν αθόρυβα τους φύλακες, που φέρουν τα σύμβολα της Umberlee. . .

Session 23 : Unleashed
Act II : The Darkening


Ches 4, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, Tymora’s Commune

Κάποιοι επιτέθηκαν στο μαγαζί του Harry και του Olo και απήγαγαν την ιέρεια της Tymora. Κάποιος ειδε να εμπλέκονται ακολουθοι της Umberlee. Η συντροφιά, χωρίζεται για να ανακαλύψει πληροφορίες, ο καθένας από τις δικές του πηγές. Οι δίδυμοι κατευθύνονται προς τους coinspinners, ο Thornalf προς το μοναστήρι του στον Yammamoto και ο Quinn με τον Olo επισκέυτονται τον ναό της Umberlee. Εκεί ανακαλύπτουν ότι σήμερα το βράδυ θα πραγματοποιηθεί μια μυστική τελετή, όπου ο “Γιός της θάλασσας θα αναδυθεί” και “Οι απιστοι θα πληρώσουν”. Αυτός ο θρησκευτικός φανατισμός, θέτει σε κίνδυνο όλη την κοινότητα της Tymora, φοβάται ο Quinn. Με την βοήθεια του Thornalf, μεταφέρουν όλους τους πιστούς της Tymora στο μοναστήρι και ο Yamamoto με τους μοναχούς οχυρώνονται για να τους προστατέψουν. Οι ώρες περνάνε και οι δίδυμοι είναι άφαντοι. O Quinn επικοινωνεί με τον harper Dominic, ρωτώντας αν ξέρει περιοχές που γίνονται μυστικές συναντήσεις των πιστών της Umberlee. Ο harper του δίνει πέντε πιθανά σημεία. Ο Olo μέσα στην ανυπομονησία του, κρύβεται σε ένα σοκάκι της πόλης και ανοίγει το μαγικό βιβλίο του, προσφαίροντας κι άλλο αίμα για να μάθει που βρίσκεται η Damara. Το πνέυμα του βιβλίου απαντάει, όμως οι σελίδες ξεχυλίζουν από αίμα και αρχίζουν να σκιζονται. Οι χαρακιές του χαλφλινγ καίνε καθώς οι ματωμένες σελίδες στροβιλίζονται σχηματίζοντας την μορφή ενώς άντρα που μιλάει με την φωνή χιλίων ανθρώπων.

“At last we are free! We are many! We are Legion! We are Unleashed!”

Σε μιά περίμετρο πενήντα μέτρων γύρο από το χαλφλινγκ τα πάντα τώρα είναι νεκρά και σαπισμένα. Οι αιωρούμενες σελίδες, πετάνε και χάνονται στον αέρα της πόλης. Χωρίς να πέι τίποτα σε κανέναν, ο Olo επιστρέφει στo μοναστηρι. Εκεί ο Quinn αναφέρει όλα τα ευρήματά του, για τα drows, τους μάγους, τους πειρατές, την τύχη των waterdavian στο πολεμικό συμβούλιο του Neverwinter μέσω της μαγικής του σφαίρας. Το Neverwinter αποφασίζει να απαντήσει με . . . Πόλεμο. Ο Olo αναφέρει ότι ξέρει την τοποθεσία που είναι αιχμάλωτη η ιέρεια και ετοιμάζονται να ξεκινήσουν. Ο Olo και ο Thornalf κινούνται προς την βόρεια πύλη, για να φτάσουν στο πλοίο τους και να φέρουν μαζίτους την Simone και τους Goliaths. Οι Taerls και οι Kurths στην βόρεια πύλη αναγνωρίζουν τον Thornalf και προσπαθούν να τον αιχμαλωτίσουν. Οι δύο σύντροφοι με ωμή δύναμη και με κοφτερή πονηρειά τους ξεφέυγουν και κινούνται προς τους συμμάχους τους.Ο Quinn ψάχνει να βρέι τον Harry και τα ίχνη τον οδηγούν στο πανδοχείο The Cutlass, στο οποίο μιά παράξενη δύναμη έχει επηρρεάσει όλους τους θαμώνες παρασέρνοντάς τους σε ένα τεράστιο ερωτικό όργιο.


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