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  • Thornalf Ulfgar "the helmless"

    Thornalf Ulfgar "the Helmless" is a carpenter, maker of tools, wrestler of wild beasts, wildlife enthusiast and fighter extraordinaire. His head is so thick and large maybe due to his young age skirmishes, rendering the use of helmets null but some claim …

  • Harry Westra

    Harry was born the son of a carpenter in a small village south of Luskan. His life was the life of a village carpenter, simple and relatively safe until the event that completely changed his life. A wandering minstrel came through the village and during …

  • Olo Quickskin

    *Personality Traits:* Lie about almost anything even when there's no good reason to. *Ideals:* Creativity: never run the same con twice. *Bonds:* Ruined someone who didn't deserve it. *Flaws:* Run and preserve my own hide if the going gets tough.

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