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  • Thoughts of Thornalf

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    I always wanted to hide my face from the world. But the irony is that the world always wanted to see it. Even after the helmet... I wonder which is my "real" …

  • More thoughts of Thornalf

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    Those pirates threaten us in the most sideward way I have ever seen from humans. I don't understand why would someone not threaten you clearly and directly if …

  • Thornalfs thoughts on goblins

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    This is preposterous. People in this town are afraid of goblins. I run in to some with mr bear, while we where using the sewer entrance into the city and he …

  • The wierdest Dream

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    Just woke up in the sewers... Why am I here? I had the weirdest dream. We were marching on horses that had their eyes on their arses, chasing two red haired …

  • Thornalfs Warcry

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    They will soon open them... I can smell the blood mixed with sweat, sand and aged leather. Behind and within my eyes, other eyes stare forward. The eyes of …

  • Spirits in the world

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    We have found ourselves in the midst of Darkness. A great priest of the Thunder God once said that the end of the world is the end of each day. The Omens are …

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