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Harry's Journal - Part Seven

The other Luskan...

Hammer 21, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Sword Coast, Luskan, A Passage Under the Open Coast

Well, this day was full of revelations … I mean I liked the Luskan I had seen so far. Friendly people, lots of work and if you overlook the slightly ghastly decor, it does have a nice rustic feel to it … ruins, history, wizardry brotherhoods, gangs, that sort of thing. But today I saw another side that I admit I may have been ignoring a bit … the city is full of poor, hungry people who have no one to turn to. My visit to the slums around Clearlight kinda opened my eyes … even if I was not a wizard I would feel obligated to assist those people, but as a wizard it is no longer an obligation but a duty. I already asked Damara to move in with them and she said it was ok. At the very least i can offer them a measure of protection.

Quinn had more disturbing news as well. It looks like there is an active slave trade going on in Luskan. I have heard of such things before but I would not have believed it if i had not seen it with my own eyes. We followed a tip Quinn had and went to the Outer Bay tonight. True enough about 5 boats unloaded their miserable cargo guarded by thugs and ruffians. Not only men but also women and children chained together like animals, and driven like ones into a hidden passage that I guess leads somewhere in the city … we did not make through but we did manage to free the women and children at least. Most troubling however is that the thugs were led by a “magic-user” (I will not use the title of wizard on such an individual) who got away … that and the fact that one of the thugs wore a Coinspinners sign. That’s a pity, I liked the ones I met … of course there is always the chance that Mike does not know about the slave trade or that the dead guy was acting on his own. Maybe I should ask him about it …

P.S.: I forgot to mention that I also had my first magic shootout! My “Shield” against his flashing darts … guess who won.



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