Campaign of the Month: October 2016



Those pirates threaten us in the most sideward way I have ever seen from humans. I don’t understand why would someone not threaten you clearly and directly if they so wish. We dwarves are straight when we use threats. “I will crush your empty skull like an eggshell” , “I will make you eat more crap than a trollish shithole”… In any case, they want us to be silent. So be it. I have neither a quarrel with them nor do I scare from half eaten “warnings”. Mr diploma will be around, and so will that flamboyand blonde tinman. As for that little sneaker… well he is funny enough to have around. He also has weed. All I now need is some ale and some salted pork. Maybe the mage can conjure some up… I hear some wolfhowls in the distance.

That cant be good…



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