Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 07 : Chains Broken

Act I : The City Of Sails


Hammer 21, 1484 DR
Luskan, Inner City & Open Shore

After collecting their reward for dealing with the goblin thieves problem, the companions visit the city market, where some Rethonr’s are hanging by the neck, with signs writing “Traitor” on them. They spend some coin and afterwards they head towards the community of Tymora’s followers. There they find the priestess Damara, helping the poor and offering healing to the ill. Richorn, the knight from Waterdeep, is also there giving a helping hand to the young priestess. The knight reveals the true reason for visiting Luskan. He has orders from the Lord of Waterdeep, to expose any pirate activities of the Luskan gangs. Upon his return he is supposed to bring with him twenty waterdavian guards that were send to Luskan, to guard the wall breach and help controlling the plague, a few years back. While asking for their wereabouts, Richorn learned that all of them were infected from the plague. Those who survived were sent to Frulam island where all the plague victims end up. Before helping Ριψηορν with his mission, Quinn shares his information about a slave trade that is going to happen at midnight on the Open Shore. They all agree to help him against the slavers. A few hours later, they use the cover of the night and the power of coin to sneak outside the city wall, to the place of the slave trade. Richorn was nowhere to be found, so they went without him. Quinn uses his magical cap to breath underwater and moves towards the slavers from the sea. Under the surface of water he notices a purple dim light coming from his undecipherable treasure map. It seems that the under the see the magical map reveals it true content. In the trees Olo and Thornalf are hidden waiting for the signal to attack. Unfortunately, the impatient drunk dwarf, rushes against the slavers whith the halfling running behind him trying to bluff their way out of that mess. The slavers attack, forcing Quinn and Harry to break their cover and retaliate. After killing the slaver on the open shore they barge into the hideout under a secret door underneath a boat in the sand. They kill most of the slavers although, the mage with his guards flees to the swerves. The companions release about a dozen women and children from their bonds and take one of the slavers as prisoner. They investigate the hideout and they find a pin of the Coinspinners and some documents that has the same writing with the ones Harry found in the cabin in the woods a few days back.



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