Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 26 : The Burden Of Redemtion

Act II - The Darkening


Ches 5, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, Thunderstone Monastery

In the dark corners, of Thunderstone Monastery , the undead Luskanites, are rising. A bloody cradle on the wall burns, the stones break, an instant gate to Baator opens and a three feet tall, chained devil comes through to this world. The companions destroy the undead and send the devil back to were it belongs. The last stroke falls from the dwarfs magic blade, and as the creature dissolves into ashes, a single page appears on the edge of the sword, with the word “Kyton”, written on it. Suddenly time stops. A light appears on the forehead of the dwarven-god statue and a divine voice carves the words directly into their minds.

“This desecration must not go unpunished. The souls of the young, sails towards the kingdom of Asmodeus. But you Ulfgar, my son, will become their anchor. Only when their killer is destroyed they will be free. This is your burden and atonement.”

Faint auras from the bodies of the children, circle Thornalf an are embedded into his tattoos. At the same time, about twenty of the dead commoners, come back to life and they open their eyes like they just woke from a nightmare. As the divine light fades away, a last command is heard,

“Seek for Akira Shinighami . . .”

The companions burn the dead and offer their help to the resurrected. Unfortunately no one knows who this Shinighami is. Priestess Dammara, believes that the wisdom of druid Carlin might come in handy, thought he is currently with the barbarians in the northern villages. Harry, identifies that thiw magic page can be used in a ritual of summoning, a “Kyton” devil from hell. Barry, finds out about Adramelech. Apparently, this devil is the right hand of the prince of Baator and is called reaper of the innocent souls and record keeper of hell. The shady cleric advises everyone that enough is enough and its time to leave this shit of a city, but he is not taken in consideration. Quinn leads the company to the circle of death he encountered in that alley, in search of information. In that place, Olo under the pressure of his guilds, he has a breakdown and reveals the story of the blooded book, saying,

“I did this! Forgive me! My blood caused everything . . . It’s all my fault!”

Thornalf, who knows how good intentions sometimes can lead to destructive outcome, wraps his hands around the halfing’s shoulders, looks in his sad eyes, and say,

“No, little one. You have a good heart! The blame is on that filthy devil. We will get through this. All of us . . . together.”



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