Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 27 : The Last Baram

Act II - The Darkening


Ches 15, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, Thunderstone Monastery

A ten-day has passed since the Thunderstone Monastery massacre. The City Of Sails is changing. The wall breach, on Cliffside Cranny is repaired and a tactical army is assembled. Many warships return to Luskan, now that the election of the High Captain is near. The blockade of Mirabar District has ended and the Taerls control that district now that the Barams are completely destroyed. Two bounties are hanging in the Carnival Court’s board. One for the head of Dominic Underwood and one for the Last Baram alive.

Barry Westra, who believes staying in this city is plain suicide, leaves without revealing his destination. His brother Harry, seeks knowledge on demons and devils, trying to find some way to defeat Adramelech. He learns about the Blood Wars and the eternal conflict of the Abyss with Baator. He discovers that such creatures cannot be destroyed when in the material world, they can only be banished to their home plane, with the use of powerful sacred artifacts. Harry also investigates the Soulgem, where the Paladin of The Phoenix is trapped. It seems to be some kind of extraplanar prison, but he needs the power of a circle of spellcasters to help him enter. Thornalf, hears that there seems to be a sect from the Cult Of The Dragon, hidden in the city. He wishes to go to Druid Carlin and the Barbarians, but the North Gate is heavily guarded and word is that an undead force blocks the northern road. Quinn, communicates with Lords Alliance, trough the magic sphere. They are gathering their forces for invasion. Dominic will lay low for a while, but before he disappears he asks from his fellow Harper to meet with the Last Of Baram and hear him out. He has an interesting story to tell. Olo follows the marks on Marillia’s notes and recovers the rest of her treasure. He ends up with some gold, a poison dagger and a platinum ring with the name Garoth, on it. The halfing accompanies Harry Westra to his meeting with a member of the Arcane Brotherhood, at the Seven Sails Inn. Her name is Thalia Volaris and seems quite friendly to Harry. She is quite interested for the diabolic page, but the young wizard is not willing to give it away. Before they leave, the woman say that if Harry wants to be a Brother Of The Arcane, he must first prove himself and shows him an arcane mark, to create outside of his store if he wants to summon her again.

In an empty warehouse, behind Luskan’s main water tower, Quinn and Thornalf, meet with the last of the Barams, Ethan Vrammyr. The ranger explains what he witnessed in the Anderlech farm, where his companions merged with the undead army of a horrifying Banshee. She let him leave demanding to bring the last descendant of Do’Haldir in front of her, or else she will spread death across the North. Ethan learned about her tragic story :

  • Before The Spellplague, Lord Soth with his elf lady, visited Luskan. An ambitious young wizard, Dickon Frost, with the help of a mercenary named Rothgar Do’Haldir, plotted to steal a powerful artifact from the Lord. Rothgar offered his service as a sellsword to the Lord and Dickon used magic to manipulate the elf lady to fall in love with him and grand him access to the precious artifact. But the wizard, begun to have feelings for the lady and he canceled everything the last moment. Rothgar, furious, informed Lord Soth about Dickon’s plans. The Lord ordered Rothgar to bring his wife in a clearing north of the city, to execute her.

    When Dickon heard it, he went to rescue her. The wizard and the Lord dueled and the both died, but this was not the end. Even after their death their spirits continued to fight in that place. Rothgar slit the woman’s throat and fled to the city. The rage of the elf lady, held her spirit in the place of her murder, transforming her into a Bansee, seeking for revenge. Their undead aura expanded spreading decay across the land.

    A cleric of Kelemvor with his paladins appeared and put an end to this blasphemy. He trapped the undead souls into three gems and buried them with the bodies in the place of their death. But in order to imprison them he sacrificed himself and his warriors, becoming their undying guards. A shrine of Kelemvor, was build on top of the tomb sealing that sleeping undead force for decades.

Quinn, Thornalf and Ethan join Harry and Olo, on their way to the monastery. Out of the dark alley and from the rooftops a group of bounty hunters surround them, demanding the bounty for the head of the Last Baram. Harry casts an invisibility spell ον Ethan and the companions create confusion on their enemies, talking their way out of it, leaving them troubled. At midnight, in the lower cellars of the Cutlass, Mike The Coin has arranged a meeting with the Dragonbloods. The wizard, the dwarf and the halfling, stand in front of the Dragonblood warriors, while Quin and Ethan watch around the inn to prepare against an ambush. A snake slides on the shoulder of a Dragonblood, and it seems that someone else suddenly control his body. This “someone” is Akira Shinighami. He reveals he is a brother o Yamamoto and that together they battled many devils in the past. He say that in order to banish Adramelech they will need the Book Of Exalted Deeds, that lays in the legendary treasure of Captain Flynt. Olo haw the map and Simone half of Flynt’s key. The other half is in the possession of Shinighami and he is willing to exchange it for little favor. They have to fight as champions of the Dragonbloods, against the champion of The Arcane Brotherhood in the Arena, tomorrow. . .



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