Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 32 : The Eye Of The Beholder

Act II - The Darkening


Ches 23, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers 
Treasure Island, Sea Of Swords

A sudden heavy downpour, compels the companions to search for protection against the rain, so Harry starts a ritual to conjure a magical hut for them. Then the wizard tries to unlock the mysteries of the gold ring he found in the Netheriz ruins. Finally, he finds out that the air is the key and he blows the ring. Then out of a cloud of smoke, appears a jinni and addresses to him,

I am Aziz Al Habar and I am from the Genashi kin. I am bound to serve the master of the ring, since that wretched wizard imprisoned me in it.

What ? And how can you gain your freedom?”, replies Harry.

Only the master of the ring can free me.”, said the djiini.

Alright then! You are free . . . Really, go!”, said Harry, setting the spirit of the ring free.

When the rain stops they continue and they find in their way some Lizardfolk symbols and a track from a huge lizard-like creature. As they reach a river in the jungle, the shadow of a flying creature, passes them by. After a moment they hear a terrifying roar and they see a huge green dragon raising on top of the trees. The companions hide in absolute silence and the creature, passes by. Their journey continues until they reach the old well, where the magic map marks the location of Captain Flynt’s treasure. In the caverns underneath they gaze upon the piles of gold, the jewels, the gems and the elegant weapons and armors. Harry detects five sources of magic coming out from the treasure. As they search for items of wonder and stuff the treasure int their extra dimensional pockets, Splinter’s voice sounds like an alarm in Harry’s head.

Master, it’s coming! Run, run !!

A ray of magic hits the elf guardian, while he unsheathe his sword and rapidly he turns into stone. Another ray, hits Andy and the gnome bard falls asleep instantly. Out of the darkness comes floating in the air, the beast of the depths of the earth. His great central eye, meets Belnan’s gaze and the dwarf run away in fear, screaming. The beholder, unleash more rays against the companions. Harry uses his arcane power to counter the effects of the eye beams, Ethan constrains the beast while Quinn, Olo and Simone pierce and slash its flesh. The wild fight ends with Thornalf pushing his magic great sword into the Eye Of The Beholder, killing the creature once and for all. The halfing uncovers a small pyramid like stone, with a hole in front of it. Quickly he puts Flynt’s key in and opens the lock. On the wall in front of him, lines of light create the outline of a celestial arch, and the portrait of god Helm, underneath it. Then the door slowly opens and the cavern fills with sunlight. Some of them finds it regenerating and some feel like they are suffocating. Behind the door, in a stand there is a golden tome with angel wings carved on it.

Oh! The book of Exalted Deeds!”, says harry, and takes the book.

The door is closing, while the whole place starts shaking. The companions grab the sleeping gnome and the petrified elf and run the hell out of that place before the ground falls on their heads.

Harry Westra (Wiz7) + 6500 39000 / 34000Flynts gold, 10 books, Magic Box,Book Of Exalted Deeds, Color MashroumsINSPIRATION GAINED!LEVEL UP!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr8)+ 650045500 / 48000Flynts gold,Eye Of The BeholderINSPIRATION GAINED!
Olo Quickskin (Rog8) + 650045500 / 48000Flynts gold,Flynts Equipment, Masterwork Map Of The Sword Coast INSPIRATION GAINED!
Quinn (Rog8)+ 650040500 / 48000Flynts gold,Boots Of Speed,Vicious ShortswordINSPIRATION GAINED!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd1)+ 650036500 / 34000Flynts gold, Beads Of Force box, Cape Of MountainbackINSPIRATION GAINED!LEVEL UP!



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