Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 36 : Lady Of Death

Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 3, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers 
Sword Coast, Luskan Woods

Belnan Bloodingot returns from Moradin’s Halls of the Dead, taking a deep breath. His eyes, though, are dark as the sky above them. The blinded fighter falls into despair and Thornalf give him words of comfort, swearing to kill the Ork King and fulfill Belnan’s Oath. Quinn suggests the wounded soldiers, with the dwarf and the elf priestess who seems sick, to return back to the ship. Olo, carefully loot the undead recovering a very interesting map, called “Captain Pip’s Treasure Map”. The Neverwinter Elite scouts, lead the companions to their hideout inside the forest. In a cave their middle-aged commander studies maps and notes.

“My name is Greywolf, friends. I didn’t expect those bureaucrats, to act so quickly. What news from Neverwinter?”

They share their story of how they helped Admiral Smith and that now they came to his aid. Commander Greywolf, informs them that he lost a third of his group in the haunted woods. His plan is to infiltrate Luskan with his men and establish a base of operations, where they will sabotage, collect intel and incite a rebellion from inside the enemy walls. His guide perished, so he ask them to lead his force inside the city. However, they all agree that the undead must be stopped first. Ethan uses his druidic tome to contact Crowveil and the old druid, speaks to him through Thornalfs crow, once again. He informs them that they should destroy the Bansee that controls the undead. Her lair is in the old shrine of Kelemvor in the woods. The companions with the Neverwinter elites move across the forest slashing the undying minions until they reach the shrine. Thornalf charges against the swarm of zombies with his dark blade, and Harry follows attacking with fire and punches. Ethan cast a silence spell in the area of the fight and summons a flying creature to aid him as he covers his allies. Quinn attacks the bunch from one side with the sword of The Snake Eyes, while Greywolf swings his steel wolf-blade,from the other. Olo, hides in the bushes and tries to sneak in the shrine from a hole on the side. As the mist thickens and more zombies gather around them, under the arch of the shrine appears the undying body of Maunak Stonebreaker, one of the goliaths they freed from the Anarchy. Serving his lady of death, he turns his hollow eyes against the companions ready to attack. From the trees echoes a deep voice screaming,

“Brother! It’s time to rest now. . .”

and Keogak Thunderfist the goliath’s brother charges against his brother. The two goliaths clash in a battle of life and death. With him, a crow lands in front of the zombies that once were the Baram mercenaries, and his feathers transform into a cape revealing the druid Crowveil, that unleashes the power of nature against the abominations. As her minions fall one after another, the Bansee, emerges from the tombs under the shrine. She screams, but her voice is countered by the silence spell the young ranger maintains. Olo sneaks into the shrine and attack her in the back with his magical sword of wounding, and the ghostly woman bleeds. Thornalf, ignore the zombies and attack her, but as his dark blade reaches her ethereal skin, it stops. He hears her voice in his head,

“This blade cannot hurt me, for it has my name on it!”, and the runes on the sword now clearly read a name. Tinuthiel.

“Now, kill the halfling!”, she commands again and Thornalf loses control over his body. The voices of the younglings scream to him,

“Resist, defy her! You are strong! Resit her!”, but the power of her unholy wrath overcome the dwarf’s willpower and he moves the blade towards Olo’s skull.

Harry Westra is holding two zombies from the neck, while his fire shield burns more around him, when he sees the dwarf trying to attack the halfling.

“Thornalf, you drunk fool, what are you doing?” he shouts, but no sound echoes in the air. Instantly he channels his divination ability, to alter the outcome of Thornalf’s attack, who ultimately misses.

The dwarf drops the dark blade and grabs his head. Commander Graywolf charge against the Bansee but she manipulates the mist around her, and cut off his hand as he approaches.

“Take it Thornalf, kill the bitch once and for all.”

As his companions fight the Bansee, the dwarf grabs the wolf-blade and swings it back and forth until the ghastly face of the undying elf lady is ripped of. As she dissolves into nothingness, the undead fall to the ground lifeless.

The curse of Lady Tinuthiel, is finally lifted.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 150050000 / 64000MISSED SESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr9)+ 300058000 / 64000INSPIRATION!
Olo Quickskin (Rog9) + 300058000 / 64000Captain Pip’s Treasure, Bansees Braids, 50 gpINSPIRATION!
Quinn (Rog9)+ 150054500 / 64000MISSED SESSION!
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 300049000 / 64000Big Larrys Notes, 15 gpINSPIRATION! +2 Renown



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