Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 39 : Into the Old Mines

Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 11, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Old Mines, Luskan

The heroes rest on the rusty rails of the old mines under the city sewers. They follow the paladin’s sense of the devil and they descent a deep mine hole. On their way down, fiendish abominations crawl out of the dirt and attack them. The heroes slash their way to the ground. Among the mine ruins they discover a hideout with dead Dragonbloods inside. It seems they took their own life, in various gruesome ways. A huge iron smashed cage, look like something big has escaped. Harry detects some magical ammunition behind an old wooden bookcase. They reach a large underwater lake with tree rocks coming out of the water, connected with wooden planks. As they cross the lake, Quinn notices something moving in dark water and fires one of his magic arrows. Then a moment of silence. Followed by a large black dragon ascending from the depths of the lake and landing in front of them. The dragon sprays his acid breath and attacks with wings and claws. The heroes answer with wrath and bring the beast down. Olo and Harry cut the black dragons head off and throw it down the portable hole. After the fight the rest in an old miners chamber where they discover the long dead dwarf’s treasure. A case of precious stones and a magic dwarven belt, with his journal, “The life and deeds of Kelgar Ironfist.” The paladin senses that the devil is near. They pass through catacombs covered by living bloody tissue, that has creatures trapped inside it, sucking the life out of them. The companions stop in front of a totem made of human parts. Behind it a portal to the pits of hell slowly opens. The thousand voices of Adramalech, whisper inside their minds, reminding their sins, filling them with guilt. Some resist but others break under the devil’s trickery and are compelled to hurt themselves to the death. Damien opens the Book Of Exalted Deeds and begins the banishment. The celestial power empowers the will of their comrades and with defiance of the devil they take a defensive stance, around the paladin of Amaunator. Flying pages gather in front of the totem, taking the form of an old beggar. The powers of Celestia and Baator clash, through words. Out of the dark corners of the old underground mines of Luskan, the minions of hell appear and charge against the heroes.

Harry Westra (Wiz9) + 250059000 / 640005 gems, 5 Books, Dragonblood armor & weapon, 3 Black ScalesMISSED SESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr10)+ 500071000 / 850005 gems,Belt Of Dwarvenkind, Kelgar’s JournalLINSPIRATION
Olo Quickskin (Rog10) + 250069000/ 850005 gems, 10 bolts +1, Black Bragons Head, 3 Black scalesMISSED SESSION!
Quinn (Rog9)+ 500066000 / 640005 gems, 5 Arrows +1LVL UP!INSPIRATION
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd3)+ 500062000 / 640005 gems, 5 Arrows +1INSPIRATION



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