Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 41 : The Masked Prisoner

Act II - The Darkening


Tarsak 13, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Ruins Of Ilusk, Luskan

Quinn, Olo and Ethan scout the old mine caves ahead and follow the voices of the Drows. They reach upon an underground ancient city of the Iluskan empire, that now lay on ruins. About five Drows drag a chained masked prisoner, towards a ruined tavern of some short. They hear voices and music from the building. The scouts return to the rest of the group and they choose to investigate further what’s happening inside those ruins and try to free the prisoner. The halfling and the Harper, hide on the rear side of the tavern, among the scattered stones, while the rest of them wait in the darkness for the proper time to attack. The backdoor opens and a deep gnome exits, accompanied by a human with an eye patch. The companions recognize him as a member of the Coinspinners, Rick the Slick. A low lifer that has his hand deep into slavery, bets, and fights. Rick with the deep gnome, talk about the cage fight that is about to start soon inside, between the Drows’ and the Duergars’ gladiators. The Coinspinner tells a bit of the story of the masked prisoner, about the torturing, the fighting and the horrors he has endured in the hands of the dark elves.Quinn and Olo decide to take them out silently. They poison their magic arrows and they assassinate them in cold blood. They hide their bodies and the halfing uses his thieves tools to lock the door from the outside. They they hide in the perimeter of the building and they cover the front exit. A young brunette holding a lamb, comes out calling for Rick. With no hesitation, the halfling fire his crossbow and the woman falls on the mud breathless. Quinn asks for Harry to make him invisible and then enters the tavern. He sees four Luskanites, three Duergars and three Drows gathered around a huge fighting cage, watching the spectacle, drinking and shouting. Inside the cage, the masked prisoner rolls around trying to dodge the swinging greataxe of an Orc barbarian. Quinn moves stealthy to gain line of sight of the sorcerer looking Drow. Suddenly he appears out of thin air and shoots his arrow, piercing through the chest of the Drow and dashes outside. After that, came blood thirst and mayhem. One of the Luskanites was there with his teenage son and they try to flee but the father holding his sword, wearing the symbol of the Suljacks isperceived as threat from Thornalf and dies by his sword. The fleeing son falls from Ethan’s volley of bolts, as the Ranger in the darkness, just sees an enemy figure running to call for backup, possibly. The wounded Drow flees down a hatch with one of his guards and leave the other Drow fighter behind. The paladin disarms one of the Luskinites and spare his life.The battle continues inside the ancient tavern, while Olo on the back of the building kills one fleeing Duergar and hunts down the other like pray.He caught the grey dwarf deeper in the ruins, and he exchanges his shack of precious things for his life. Into the tavern Luskinites, Duergars, the Drow and the Orc barbarian lie down in a pool of blood. The Masked prisoner speaks and in a weird way his words indicate intellect and madness, pain and numbness combined. He warns that many inhabitants of the Underdark lurk in the ruins and he joins the companions on their way back through the mines. The heroes leave this place wth some of them considering if what they’ve done was heroic at all.

Harry Westra (Wiz10) + 150065500 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!
Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr10)+ 300079000 / 85000Drow Snachel, Drow Ring Of House Baenre
Olo Quickskin (Rog10) + 300077000 / 85000Gold,Ancient Art,Duergars Snatchel, x3 Flammable Bottles
Quinn (Rog10)+ 300074000 / 85000
Ethan Vrammyr (Ran6/Drd4)+ 150068500 / 85000MISSEDSESSION!


A nice weekend read. I don’the have droworked in my current Midgard Campaign but I DO miss them sometimes.

Session 41 : The Masked Prisoner

I meant to say “nice WEE read”. Dawn predictive text!

Session 41 : The Masked Prisoner

Shucks, what a mess. ;)

Session 41 : The Masked Prisoner

Well, thank you twiggy!

Session 41 : The Masked Prisoner

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