Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 57 : Gloin's Hole

Act III - Chosen of the Gods


Myrtul 22, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Gloin’s Hole, Dwarven Pass

The scout spots human tracks leading away from the destroyed camp, towards the hills of the Dwarven Valley. They follow the tracks and after a days travel they reach the entrance of a very old mine. A sign writes in dwarvish, “Gloin’s Hole, The deeper the better”. Inside the catacombs they find Jacob with a pregnant girl. He is dying from severe wounds and the girl is about to give birth. Before he dies, Jacob, tells Quinn that he had to leave town to save the girl and her child. The child, he says, is special, godsend. They must protect it. Thornalf, delivers the baby girl, but her mother didn’t make it. At the time of her birth, the ground starts shaking, things ascend and an earthquake collapses most parts of the mine. The scout is lost behind the rumble. Olo and Quinn watch Thornalf holding the newborn baby girl in his arms. The baby, has a distinct birthmark on her neck. A blue-white star. Out of the ruined caves, rush a creature of the depths, a basilisk. The heroes kill the beast and protect the child. Then, they move deeper into the mines searching for the exit.

Thornalf Ulfgar (Ftr13)+ 3000134000 / 140000
Olo Quickskin (Rog10/Wlc3)) + 3000132000 / 140000
Quinn (Rog13)+ 3000129000 / 140000



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