Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 66 : The Price Of Freedom

Act III - Chosen Of The Gods

Flamerule 30, 1484 DR Year Of The Awaken Sleepers
Caer Dineval, Tentowns

The night after the battle, the companions help the towns people to bury their dead. The next day they encourage them to vote for a spokesman. The majority rejects the previous Spokesman, who led them to their downfall. The last authority figure, lieutenant James Corvin, is elected as new Spokesman. He starts with the reconstruction of the town, and uses the remaining city gold, to aid and secure the people. Quinn fears that the town is vulnerable to another attack. He is not willing to let other forces take advantage of the situation and conquer the wounded town. He believes they must stay here until they find a way to secure them. Mulgrin examines the magic orb and discovers that this is a communication device. Its user, a mage probably, can see and hear the wielder and even appear near him, as if he was there. Murdoc offers his connections with mercenary groups such as the Order Of The Gaunlet. For the right price they could gather a notable force. Lucious contacts fallen templars, offering them a new start. The town can become a safe haven for them as long as they serve and protect the town. Hurins dawrves build a stone monument on the Caer walls depicting their victory. It fills peoples hearts with hope and seems fearsome to the town’s enemies. The companions stay for a few days, they rest and help and live the simple life for a while.



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