Campaign of the Month: October 2016


After the first moon

and before the thunder


The past few days have been full.
Some nights ago I spent the evenin’ with that lass, Simone. Feisty damsel that one!
She invited me in the captn’s quarters for some anal…
…analysis of our situation so far. We made ourselves comfortable in the cushions and removed our adventuring clothes. I started pounding –
my flake tobacco and prepared a pipe. She started sucking first – and showed me how deep she can blow – the smoke rings.
She swallowed the whole – brandy cup in one long gulp! She then admired my long long – dairy. We exchanged thoughts, laughs, drinks, smoke…
and then we fucked royally for the remainder of the night!

That girl has serious daddy issues, but – considering I went rather deep inside her – mind, I formed a positive opinion on her.


The ruins of the Thunderlord hold old secrets. With the help of my comrades we claimed them for our own and freed those Kurthrams or Rethraels or whatever, that where skulking inside. Maybe now my true heritage – my forgotten path comes forth. The anals -cross that word, it is easily misunderstood in this entry – the rites of the Thundergod, bare testament and heirloom of such a path.

Luskan is changing. Our ego might dictate that this is due to our company. Regardless we played our part and should continue to do so, as long as chains are clasped onto wrists, caverns overflow with the walking dead, and taverns age sweet sweet liquor.

Forward to roads new and memories old alike!

Oh shit, fuck my beard. I fought today still wearing Simones panties. Heh! Never though i would use an UN-chastity belt!



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