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Harry's Journal - Part Twelve


Hammer 25, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan, The Sewers

Well, I am not sure exactly what happened but we may have gone a bit far … of course that depends on how well liked a captain of Ship Kurth is because … eeh … we kinda killed one. Not our fault of course, I mean he had it coming but still …

I am currently scribbling this in the sewers because we had to stay a bit low after the Seven Sails incident. Poor Inn’s never going to be the same I am afraid. Very difficult to get all this blood from the floor and tables.

It all started innocuously enough after we visited those stables because I found this very interesting mark on Richorn’s horse’s behind that suggested that whoever rented him the horse may also had been spying on us. Subtle magic that, interesting though. We did not find much at the stables – other than that all the horses there were similarly “marked” – so we went on to meet with Thornalf at the Seven Sails.

True enough we found the dwarf eating and drinking and I thing we may even have disrupted something because Thornalf was actually flirting with a woman – a human woman at that. And to be honest if ti was Thornalf standing in the shadows it would not have been so strange but Thornalf was sitting right in the light. Never claimed to have understood women and as it turns out this was Simone … THE Simone, the one that the Goliaths were looking for. So, Quinn gave her back her sword – really nice of him to do so – and right on time too because apparently she was meeting there with non other than Captain Zorg … who was kind of rude … I mean his men called Thornalf short and his mother a ship … or at least I think so.

We are moving on now but I think I have seen more of Luskan sewer’s than Luskan itself.



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