Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 28 : Blood & Sand

Act II - The Darkening


Ches 16, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Luskan Market, The Arena

This is a very bad idea! Not only will we be exposed, with no way to escape, but we will risk our lives, hoping those filthy Dragonbloods will keep their end of the deal. I’m not doing this and I hope you withdraw from that deal, immediately. . .

Quinn expresses his disagreement, although his companions see no other way of retrieving the piece of the key that will give them a chance against Adramelech. Harry and Olo bet almost all their money on their side, on the tomorrow fight, thinking that if they survive they’ll get rich, if not, then, they won’t mind. The next day Quinn and Ethan follow the hundred of people to the Arena of Luskan and they enter as audience. If things go south, at least they can create some distraction or help their friends any way they can, from that position. The Arena after the latest modifications from the Brotherhood of the Arcane, is a lot different that they remembered. Its bigger and heavily guarded by the Luskan peace keepers. On top of six high pillars, mages from the Brotherhood, stand, weaving a impenetrable dome between the arena and the audience. A fat man, like a grim joker, narrates the story behind the fore-coming duel. In the deep halls underneath the arena, Thornalf, Harry and Olo, prepare with the other three Dragonblood gladiators, for the fight. They refuse to cover their faces and when the time comes they walk through the corridor. The gate opens. They enter the stadium. The hot sand is altered, creating the illusion of the Thayan steppe. On the other side the door, the chains are pulled and the door lifts. A roar echoes from the dark hall. A young red dragon charges towards the Dragonblood gladiators. The beast ravages its opponents, with teeth and claws. Olo hides from stone to stone, repeatedly piercing through the beast’s right wing, with his poisoned bolts. Thornalf flanks the dragon, slashing its side with his magic blade. Harry, enlarges him self and grapples the dragon by its mouth. The dragon breaths fire and the wizard rolls over its head and punch through its skull with his vampiric touch. The Dragon lies bleeding and the three of them are glorified by the crowd. Quickly they leave as Dragonblood soldiers remove the dead dragon from the arena. Akira Shinighami through his snake familiar, gives the other half of the key to them and sends them to their way. Olo cashes out the bet earnings and puts them inside the bag of holding. They reunite with Quinn and Ethan and head towards the Thunderstone monastery. On their way, a white pigeon lands on Thornalf’s shoulder. It carries a note that writes,

  • “What is first white,
    and then red?
    If you find my secret,
    It’ll be my end!”

Oh no, I can’t do it! Not the little bird!”, sais Thornalf, worried.

What are you talking about? That’s great! Today’s menu . . .Pigeonsoup!”, cries Olo, happily, and stabs the bird in the belly.

They retrieve out of it the real letter, from Simone, saying that she followed a lead and hunted some pirates. She gained some loot and some minor damages. The companions, hastily, leave the city, from the secret sewer exit, Quinn recently discovered and head to Crabshore. At night, they are taking the boat and sail towards the cave where their ship is anchored. As they are getting close they see their old fella, Jimmy Bear with some Rethnor lads, ordering around the crew of the Anarchy.



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