Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 29 : Sails Of Anarchy

Act II - The Darkening


Ches 17, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Swordcoast, Sea Of Swords

Jimmy Bear welcomes his old fellas and explains how he became quartermaster of the Anarchy. He said that the remaining Rethnors under Captain Redbeard commands, turned to piracy. He had shore that he would never g back to that life again so he abandoned them. He met Simone accidentally in the forest and he shared his story. He offered her information for pirate routes and she took him in. Together they attacked one pirate ship and they filled the storage of Anarchy with plunder.

Hunting pirates is not piracy. On the contrary, we gain some favor with Lords Alliance and get awfully rich at the same time. That’s good business.”, explains Simone.

The company finally agrees with the Captainess and they reveal to her that they have another key that completes that one she already possesses. The time for the hunt of Captain Flynt’s Treasure has come! At the break of dawn the Anarchy set sails towards the uncharted waters, following Olo’s magic treasure map. On the third day of their voyage, Haram from the watch post yells

Sails! The Rethnor’s are coming!

We cannot outrun them! We will stay and fight. Goby, turn this beauty on my mark!”, commands Simone drawing her rapier.

After a while the pirate ship sides the Anarchy and the pirates invade, with hanging ropes and wooden planks. Captain Redbeard duels with Simone, Harry grabs a plank and twirls it, dropping pirates to the sharks, Thornalf hacks and slashes his way to the enemy ship, while Olo intrudes the pirate hold and unchain a cannon creating mayhem. Everybody hold their breath for a moment when Ethan falls from the watch post forty feet above the deck. Fortunately the ropes keep him hanging and safe for a while, until he falls again on pirate, gaining some bruises. Quinn, flanks the enemy captain, weights his sword and stabs him in the jugular. The remaining Rethnors surrender and Simone orders to chain them in front of the mast. The companions decide to keep both ships and let the seven prisoners serve as crew. Jimmy Bear takes the role of the captain of the newly acquired cog. The Blackjack, as they named it and the Anarchy continue their journey to the hidden island, on the hunt for Captain Flynt’s legendary treasure.



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