Campaign of the Month: October 2016


Session 31 : Lake In The Mist

Act II - The Darkening


Ches 23, 1484 DR, Year Of The Awakened Sleepers
Treasure Island, Sea Of Swords

In front of the campfire, at the Netheriz Stones of the treasure island, the castaways share their stories, while Ethan Vrammyr, uses his druidic tome to communicate with the druid Carlin Crowveil through Thornalfs crow, Feathers, in order to complete his initiation in the druidic ways.

My big brother Rude Bloodingont, died fighting a Pit Fiend. My father killed a drow matron mother before he falls. I will be the one to cut of the head of that Ork-King Hartusk ! You are welcome to follow me on this path of glory comrades!”, states Belnan with eyes burning with ambition.

Oh! Of course we will, darling! It’s my opportunity to sing about the stories, that will become legend. And everyone will know the name of the bard who . . . I mean the names of the heroes who accomplished them”, says Andy and then tries to think of a name for his new epic tale.

“We are traveling to the North, to the City Of Icewind Dale. The goddess appeared to me and spoke these words

  • In the quasi forest, time stands still
    Six leaves asleep, till the moon appears.

    The biter lover, the yellow rose.
    The shadovar, the twisted thorn.
    The arch nemesis, the hunters soul.

    Six leaves are sleeping, while darkness falls.
    In the quasi forest, my child, wake them all.

This is Mieliki’s Calling and we will answer it. The fate of the world depends on it. Until then we will join you and repay you any way we can, noble ones.", says the elf lady.

The morning comes and the companions, continue their hunt for the treasure. Their map, leads them to a misty lake. It seems there is no way around it and crossing it is the only option. Olo, uses his gem of true sight and spots a lady in the water, staring at them. The woman seems to be some kind of mermaid. Andy the bard recognizes the creature as a merfolk. The lady says that there is a hidden path that cross through the lake, that humans used to reach the temple in the middle of the lake, the old times. She say that the mist comes from the ruined temple and sickens her kin. The companions agree to investigate that place and help the lake inhabitants. They follow the merfolk and reach the old Netheriz ruins on the little island in the middle of the lake. As they descent into the misty halls they find remnants of the faith to Anaumator, the old God of light. There are still chants carved on the wall, that Andy reads aloud.

  • Hymn To The Morning Sun

    I made my songs ribbons of fire,
    fiery aspects of the morning mirror.
    Sing prayers to the Lord,
    he who rages above,
    and keeps the eternal Dawn.
    Rejoice int the first light of our soul,
    when skin of eternity ceribe,
    the birth of the Dawn.

    Hymn To The High Sun

    Hollowed is your prayer
    and glorious and solid is your being,
    in the highest of our moments.
    Take your sons to the kill,
    at the high peak of our joy.
    When the fire of ages envelopes our being
    and defeats the darkness.
    Swim in the Law of our Father
    and bathe in the glory of the day,
    in the moment of His majesty.

    Hymn To The Last Sun

    Sing and resite the verses
    of parting, my children,
    at the moment of the days rest.
    Welcome the shade and
    thunder your faith,
    not as a Shade but
    as a Keeper of Light.

Most of the halls are blocked by rocks and the hole place seems to be sinking. They reach in a place Where a wooden statue of a Phoenix, stands behind a shrine with the Light Gods symbol.In front of the shrine lies the skeletal body of a pilgrim holding an old book. Suddenly, an invisible force slams the companions. Olo sees the true form of the shade beast, through his magic gem. The halfling instructs Harry to use the magic mirror and they enter into the shadow plane side of ruined temple. There they lure the shade into its home plane, and they attack with everything they’ve got, until the beast drops dead. From the temple wall in the shadow plane, Olo takes the portrait of someone named Telamont Tanthul. Thornalf finds the opportunity to read again the seven shadow pages from his book and realizes that these are the memories of a wizard called Elminister. It cape seems that someone infiltrated his mind and tried to extract information about places, items and names. They return to the material world and they read the journal, the pilgrim was holding. It’s title is “Zan Claude’s : Memories Of Thentalial De Mark”. A note drops from the journal, that writes

  • Vadamiel’s Helmet (Waterdeep, Thentalial’s Temple)
    Cape of the Phoenix (Tarask Island, Varagon’s Temple)
    Fullplate of the Dragon (Lurkwood, Timekeeper’s Tower)
    Raziel’s sword (High Forest, Ancient Grove)

Harry detects magic from the wooden statue and they decide that fire might reveal its secrets. They burn the wooden Phoenix and the ashes and flames transform swiftly into a iris cape with the symbol of the Phoenix. Just before they leave, Olo secretly grabs a stone finger amulet from the dead pilgrim while Andy Bernard is thinking out loud,

So according to these notes, since we found the Cape Of The Phoenix here, that means this must be . . . the Tarask island, right?



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