Luskan, City Of Sails


In the years after the Spellplague, Luskan fell into ruin. Over the next century, the rulership of the city changed from hand to claw to hand so many times that it would be nigh-impossible to document them in any kind of detail. The result was a mockery of a true city. Most buildings were ruined and murderers and demon-worshipers roamed the streets freely, plying their trade in broad daylight. Wretched tribes skulked in the shadows and the fetid bog that was once the estuary of the River Mirar was infested with aquatic horrors. The place became a haven for escaped criminals who, while escaping punishment for their crimes would likely die on the end of a psychopath’s blade or a monster’s claw. Other than the Host Tower of the Arcane, the city was dominated by two- and three-story buildings.


The city was split into northern and southern halves by the River Mirar, and these were connected by three bridges.
North Bridge known as Upstream Span
Middle Bridge known as Dalath’s Span
South Bridge known as Harbor Cross


Reavers’ Run Street The road ran from the South Gate northwest to the city market.
Bloodrun Street A street near the sea wall which wrapped around the wall at the south end to become the Piers.
Piers Street A street i off which many piers jutted out into the harbor at Dragon Beach.
Half Moon Street The road where lays the Cutlass Inn and the Temple of Red Sails, a temple dedicated to evil sea goddess Umberlee.


The northern section was walled and was almost entirely made up of warehouses.
Cliffside Cranny
North Gate
Mirabar District 
Red Dragon Trading Post
Whitesails Harbor
Open Shore
Jagged Dagger Inn & Tavern


As of 1370 DR, the southern bank consisted of a heavily fortified inner section surrounded by caravan compounds.This area was home to the majority of residents and shops. The southern wall was semicircular, with over a dozen towers. The southern bank also housed stables, the High Captains’ Courts and the Market.
South Gate
Baliver’s House of Horses
Dragon Beach
Cutlass Inn & Tavern
Prisoners’ Carnival
Rat Alley
Fried Rat Tavern (Burned)
Drowned Rat Inn & Tavern
Seven Sails Inn & Tavern
One-Eyed Jax Inn & Tavern
Host Tower of the Arcane


Ruins of Illusk
The sewers
The old mines
Thunderstone Monastery


Crabshore bay
Shrine Of Kelemvor


The Arcane Brotherhood (Guild Of Mages)
Coin Spinners (arena and betting)
Ship Kurth (control the ports)
Ship Taerl (collectors of the north gate)
Ship Suljack (collectors of the south gate)
Ship Baram (tax collectors of surrounding areas)
Ship Rethnor (recently destroyed by Kurths)
The Dragonbloods
The Resistance
Sons Of Anarchy

Luskan, City Of Sails

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